What Can You Do about ArcheAge Randomly Closing/Freezing/Crashing to Desktop due to Hackshield?


Hackshield is extremely incompatible with the many various different unique PC’s out there. Many ArcheAge players have disabled a huge portion of your systems services and resources but you still have problems with ArcheAge crashing to the desktop and/or permanently freezing. This anti cheat program is too finicky and will always cause grief to players. Each time a new operating system comes out this program will need to be re-tweaked to allow all the new and different non-malicious processes and services. A quick search on google will yield many results of players with the exact same problem. Is this crashing problem that you and many other players are experiencing a memory leak? Is this a permanent problem with the game code that either cannot or will not be fixed? Is this crashing a problem that you are simply going to have to learn to deal with in AA? Right now the most intelligent thing for you to do seems to be to quit the game and come back in a few months in the hopes that catastrophic, player-wide freezing/crashing has been solved by then. However at this point, for you, the game is unplayable.

Do not worry, Now I give you six following tips:
1.Updating all drivers, including your BIOS, and your OS.
2.Reinstalling the game (many, many, painfully many, times).
3.Running the game in DX11 and DX9 (both of which are updated).
4.Increasing your page file size.
5.Having a beefy PC which easily handles the game when it’s not crashing.
6.Keeping your system not overheating.

Have any tips of your own to share? Let us know in the comments.