Patch 4.25 Available In Final Fantasy XIV On PC And PS4

Two days ago, Final Fantasy XIV has seen the launch of the 4.25 patch on PC and PlayStation 4. The free update has introduced the area of Eureka Anemos, a new wild and unexplored region, in which the elements are constantly changing and the players will be put to the…


Final Fantasy XIV Brings Seasonal Event Little Ladies Festival

Even though temperatures are low outside, the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is already preparing for spring with this year’s seasonal event “Little Ladies Festival”. The event “Little Ladies’ Festival” starts on 1.3. in Final Fantasy XIV. It ends two weeks later on 14.03. The event is based on the traditional…

Final Fantasy XIV

You Will Be Able To Relocate Your In-Game Home With FFXIV New Patch

Recent Final Fantasy XIV upcoming patch some new screenshots were revealed on social media, why not to visit here to preview these screenshots. The Legend Returns is scheduled to launch on early October, the Legend Returns brings with it a new main scenario, as well as the alliance raid dungeon…

Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV: Form A Party And Adventure With A Multitude Of Players

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is comparatively successful expansion, join others from around the world and start your own Final Fantasy XIV adventure today. New lands, explore vast, including Ala Mhigo, and challenge new Primal threats across Eorzea as you embark on hundreds of new quests as the Warrior of Light….

Final Fantasy XIV

There Are Two Types Of Materials In Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are two types of materials: Normal Quality as well as High Quality. Having being said, High Quality gathered by the disciples of the Land make it easier for a disciple of the hand to craft a High Quality item. Anyway, High Quality raw materials make…


FFXIV4GIL Is Undoubtedly The Best FFXIV Gil Supplier

Where to buy the cheapest FFXIV Gil, all gamers are likely to considering the best supplier: FFXIV4GIL. Regardless of cheap FFXIV Gil or FFXIV Power Leveling, based on it has long years experienced, that’s why it was so widespread acclaimed by gamers all over the world. As we know, the…