Server Transfers & Merges Coming Soon to Archeage

Just a reminder that sign-ups for server transfers are just around the corner for Trion’s free-to-play fantasy MMO, Archeage. For those of you playing on the following servers, you’ll need to decide what course of action you’ll want to take by August 25th. You’ll have three choices: to participate in…


Secrets of Ayanad Ready to Launch with New Trailer

Trion Worlds is ready to unleash Secrets of Ayanad on ArcheAge live servers. The update brings a level cap increase, the Diamond Shores location, the Ayanad Library and more into the game. To celebrate the big update, Trion has released a new trailer. Check it out!

AA 20

Archeage Tips: 10 Things into Archeage CBT2

1. Dont worry about not having a glider to start with, You will get a quest at level 10-12 which gives you your first glider. Its completely free and isn’t even a hard quest. 2. If you’re going AFK to eat dinner don’t log-out you gain more Labour points while…

AA Boat

The second ArcheAge Closed Beta (CBE2) event: Setting Sail

The second ArcheAge Closed Beta (CBE2) event: Setting Sail will show on July 30! You know the first close beta event A Brighter Age is a great success! While there are many problems in the game, but the official has been trying to solve, such as the graphical errors in…