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What information Trion has stored on your Europeans?

As Trion operates within the European Union, they are bound to follow the privacy and consumer protection laws that exist within. If you wish to find out what information Trion has stored on you digitally, written or data-mined and what of that is distributed on to third parties you can…


What Can You Do about ArcheAge Randomly Closing/Freezing/Crashing to Desktop due to Hackshield?

Hackshield is extremely incompatible with the many various different unique PC’s out there. Many ArcheAge players have disabled a huge portion of your systems services and resources but you still have problems with ArcheAge crashing to the desktop and/or permanently freezing. This anti cheat program is too finicky and will…


Why not be Patient with ArcheAge When we Lost in Continent?

It’s kinda silly, but I feel like giving up on ArcheAge. It’s silly because the game launched in mid-September and we’re currently in November. The fantasy sandpark does have more than it’s share of problems, but logically I know that it’s way, way too early to start piling dirt on its imaginary corpse….


Five new features of ArcheAge Make it Feel More Original and Worth Trying

ArcheAge is a new free to play MMORPG that seems to be exploding into the MMO world. Siv HD, CohhCarnage and many other popular gaming personalities are breaking out of their typical game genres to try out ArcheAge and they seem to be enjoying it. ArcheAge does indeed feel different than most MMORPGs, however. There…


Elder Scrolls Online vs WildStar vs ArcheAge

Recently, there are three hot online games: Elder Scrolls Online, WildStar and ArcheAge. Today, we discuss about the three games. This is the good comparison between the three games to show their strength and weaknesses. Elder Scrolls Online Elder Scrolls Online was launched in April 2014. Now, most players have…