Albion Online: Recent Problems Were Caused By DDoS Attacks

Albion Online officially launched on July 17. Unfortunately, the team responsible for the game has no easy life – bypassing a lot of work related to the premiere, recently to the pool of problems joined by the flood of gold sellers, and for several days also attacks DDoS and blackmailing….


Albion Online – Best Builds For Your Character

Sandbox Interactive officially launches its Builds tool for Albion Online. In the style of LOL Builders, but without so much statistics, the guys at Sandbox Interactive have officially launched a tool for their MMORPG Albion Online that will be of great help to all less experienced or curious users who…


Albion Online Available On PC

Sandbox Interactive officially announced the availability of Albion Online on PC, following the complete deletion of beta servers to reset all players from scratch, which will be reintroduced slowly into the gaming world from the purchasers of the Legendary Founder Pack and the Legendary Starter Pack. As of today, access…


New Intro Of Albion Online

The long-awaited official release of Albion Online is less than a week. Players crave it for many years and very soon it will take place. In honor of the release of the game, the developers prepared a new introductory video. He briefly narrates about the game world and background, setting…


The Founder Packs Will Be Withdrawn From Sale In Albion Online

Already on Sunday, July 9 in the hardcore MMORPG Albion Online will happen a wipe before the release, which is expected on the 17th. In this regard, the developers hastened to remind everyone who planned to buy Founder Packs, but did not dare to do it, that they would be…


Albion Online – Guardian Of Albion

When the Sandbox MMORPG “Albion Online” is released in July, players will also encounter powerful bosses, the so-called “Guardians of Albion”. Developers Sanbox Interactive has now revealed more to these opponents who demand precise planning, maximum concentration and tactical skill from the players. The Guardians represent the natural protectors of…


The Most Anticipated Sandbox Game In 2017 – Albion Online

The term sandbox has been widely used in today’s gaming world. It is a game style that places minimal limitations on the player, allowing him to interact with the world in the way he prefers to select his tasks. In sandbox games the player usually has access to everyone from…

Artifact System

Albion Online – The Artifact System We Know So Far

Albion Online continues to advance by leaps and bounds, and this time Sandbox Interactive, creators of this MMORPG, have confirmed the news that will be presented along with the release of the final beta. Under the name of the Artifacts, these objects will give the characters a unique look thanks…


The Black Market Is Recognized As An Exciting New Feature In Albion

Albion Online have now an exciting feature, from mobs and chests alike, both will now be player-crafted: The Black Market. Gamers have entitled to make use of this new NPC buys items, and then crafters and resells them to the different factions of Albion, as a result of that, the…


Albion Online – A New Update Before Launching

Sandbox Interactive is working hard as it gets closer to the release of Albion Online. With the latest update, you’ve introduced some substantial changes to the game world, let’s find out. Albion Online is destined to be the most discussed massive video game of the year. While on the one…