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ArcheAge Minimum System Requirements

What are the minimum system requirements for ArcheAge? Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or higher Hard Disk: 30 GB (NTFS-formatted disk) Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics card: Geforce 8000 series or higher, Radeon HD 4000 series or higher, with at least 512MB video memory Operating system: Vista SP1, Win7 SP1 If…

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10 Things you have to know in ArcheAge

The third Closed Beta Event will begin at 10:00 AM PDT next Thursday, August 14 and run through Monday, August 18 at 10:00 AM PDT. Hopefully, it gets release soon so that we can all enjoy this wonderful game. Here are some tips for those interested with the game: 1….

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Labor Points System in ArcheAge

Now, the second ArcheAge Closed Beta Event: Setting Sail has started, do you participate it with free code? And the CBE3 will come after CBE2 ends to August 4. Today, Archeagetips.org would share some information about Labor points you care. You know the Labor Points is the key of professions…

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Archeage Tips: 10 Things into Archeage CBT2

1. Dont worry about not having a glider to start with, You will get a quest at level 10-12 which gives you your first glider. Its completely free and isn’t even a hard quest. 2. If you’re going AFK to eat dinner don’t log-out you gain more Labour points while…

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ArcheAge Beta Guide: Buy Founder’s Packs

If you buy Founder’s Packs, you can get in to beta rest 4 days earlier, this is not fair to me.Early players will have good advantage.Those player will contorl the market, the economy and high level. learn to play a new mmorpg is really hard for me.It may take a…

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Not Spend a Dime in ArcheAge

If you are not going to spend a dime in ArcheAge, this is what you can expect: 1) Joining in the fun of leveling, exploring, farming materials via killing monsters, pvping (leveling / world pvp, trade run ganking, arenas, naval combat, castle sieges). 2) Joining in the fun of becoming…

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ArcheAge Trading System Guide: Making Crazy ArcheAge Gold

Trading is a big part of the crafting in ArcheAge game. You can farm and harvest materials that you later craft into packages. Then you bring those packages to a trading outpost in another region and make a profit based on distance and rarity. You can also trade in packages…

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ArcheAge Showdplay Skill Sets Combination

As a newbie in Archeage, I’m interested in the Skill sets due to the various skills choice and combination. I supposed there is no rubbish character, if you can’t play it well maybe the problem about your operation. Today,we would like to recommend several ArcheAge Showdplay Skill sets combinations. 1.Showdplay…

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ArcheAge Ships Guide: How to Building a ship or boat

Ships is very important means of transport in ArcheAge online game, like a Mount, you can travel by the sea, explore under water territories and continents. What’s more, you can fishing in own ships, very relaxing and enjoy it. So, how to building a ship or boat? Of course, you…


Elder Scrolls Online vs WildStar vs ArcheAge

Recently, there are three hot online games: Elder Scrolls Online, WildStar and ArcheAge. Today, we discuss about the three games. This is the good comparison between the three games to show their strength and weaknesses. Elder Scrolls Online Elder Scrolls Online was launched in April 2014. Now, most players have…