UTfifa15coins takes FIFA 15 Winter Upgrades List to you

EA has finally released the highly anticipated FIFA 15 Winter player upgrades list for FUT. As expected, there’s some big upgrades for players like Harry Kane which were expected, but also some surprising ones too. We now can bring you the full list to download, which will give you a perfect heads-up as to which players have been upgraded in order of gold and silver ratings. Buy Fifa 15 Coins PC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS4, Android, IOS Service on UTfifa15coins.

Harry Kane has been given a whopping +7 upgrade, meaning that his new card in FIFA 15 is now a 77 compared to 67 previously.fifa-15-biggest-player-upgradesWe’re pleased to see that Liverpool’s Emre Can has also been rewarded for his form – he’s now a +1 with a 75 rating in the game, Adam Lallana has had a +1 too to 80.

We have extracted EA’s Google Doc file, which contains the full download list. It lists every single player that has been upgraded by EA and also contains the in-form upgrades too if the player has it.

Take a look at the list and let us know your immediate thoughts on the upgrades. We’ll be picking out select upgrades for further discussion throughout the week.fifa-15-winter-upgrades-list-download


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http://www.utfifa15coins.com ) — Based on the tradition, another rendition of FIFA 15 St. Patrick’s Day tournament may hit the shelves on March 17, 2015. It will be the best chance to get FIFA 15 coins for free. Here are what you must know to take part in the tournament and how to get free FIFA 15 coins.

What you must know before joining in the tournament

Squad: your FUT squad must consist of 18 players from Republic of Ireland, 18 players from Northern Ireland or 18 players from the Irish Airtricity League, similarly to that in FIFA 14.
Rewards: Last year, the first tournament trophy was awarded 15,000 coins + 1 premium gold jumbo pack (online) and 10,000 coins + 1 premium gold pack (offline).
Date to start: around March 17, 2015.

Tips to participate in the tournament and win

1. Choose the right players. You need players to fill your roster, and you should choose some decent bronze players for your bench.
2. Buy players in advance. With the approaching of the tournament, some players will become extremely costly, such as McGeady went for +8,000 at his peak, while Shane Long went for 50,000 at one point. So you need to buy them when they are cheap with FIFA 15 coins xbox 360.
There is no doubt that it is a good opportunity to earn FUT 15 coins fast. But be aware that, don’t sell the cards until the tournament starts. It is best to sell around a week before the tournament starts.

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FIFA 15, Battlefield 4 and Madden 15 Gamers Suffer From EA Servers Down on February 10, 2015


Update 2:30 PM: Over the past 12 hours, there have been intermittent reports that the EA servers  are down. EA suffered huge issues with the server two days ago, as reported here at Full FIFA. Gamers from FIFA 15, Battlefield 4 and Madden 2015 are currently experiencing significant issues.

Update 6:52 PM: There has been a surge in reports concerning the servers. What’s going on EA?

“The EA servers are not available at this time. Please try again later,” is the message FIFA players are getting when trying to play online.

One disgruntled gamer stated, “this server is S**T CLOSE IT S**T.”

EA Sports FIFA twitter page has not formally reported the problem, but  it questions the franchises ability to provide a conducive gaming environment for patrons. With FIFA 16 and Madden 16 slated to drop in 7 months, how will EA combat this constant problem? So let’s have a break if your FIFA 15 have same problems, You can buy some cheap FIFA 15 Coins, which can help imporve your team’s strength! We will outcompete more ferocious rivals when the server return to normal.


Chelsea defender Filipe Luis has told his Brazil international teammate Miranda that he wants to leave Stamford Bridge.

This is according to Spanish newspaper AS – and brought to our attention by the Daily Star – who claim Luis has realised how content he was at Atletico Madrid prior to his big-money move to Chelsea last summer. ( We fifacoinsfut.org are selling Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Coins, if you want to buy FIFA 15 coins, you can contact us on our site fifacoinsfut.org. )FIFACOINSFUT WALLPAPER 300x198 Buy Cheapest FIFA 15 Coins at fifacoinsfut.org to get Mesut Ozil

Luis, 29, spent four successful years at the Vicente Calderon – where he played alongside the talismanic Miranda – winning a host of major honours including the Spanish league title, the Europa League, the Copa del Rey and two UEFA Super Cups.


The South American left-back then agreed to complete a £15.8 million move to Chelsea, but has only made 10 Premier League appearances for the west London outfit.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has often preferred to play right-footed full-back Cesar Azpilicueta ahead of Luis, who is currently sidelined with a calf injury.


Luis, however, appeared to dismiss these latest rumours by posting a picture on Instagram showing him in training with Chelsea alongside three blue love hearts for the caption. But rumours linking him with a move back to Spain will only intensify the more Mourinho opts to keep him on the bench in favour of Azpilicueta.

The EA servers for FIFA 15 are down on Sunday, February 8

battlefield hardline servers down FIFA 15 Battlefield Servers Down Today

The EA servers for FIFA 15 are down on Sunday, February 8, according to status update website Down Today. There’s hundreds of people reporting the servers are unavailable between Twitter and popular server tracking sites, which couldn’t come on a worse day considering it’s the weekend and includes other popular EA games like Battlefield as well.

Some say the EA server problems have been confirmed today by the official FIFA social accounts, although we cannot see anything mentioned at this time. It’s unclear if the issue is being worked on and PS4 players report connection problems with Battlefield Hardline and FIFA 15.EA Sports 700x336 300x144 FIFA 15 Battlefield Servers Down Today

According to FIFA 15 players on downtoday.co.uk, the EA servers have been down for no longer than an hour on Feb 8 2015. The problems are being felt by late night gamers in the United Statues and early risers in the UK, so most are waking up and reaching out to the community to find out when FUT and FIFA will be available again.

Are you able to get online with FIFA 15, Battlefield Hardline, or any other EA game today? Confusing matters for some EA gamers is the fact a few are getting online, or at least this is what they are reporting to their friends. One Down Today reader said, “Man my friend is online but I can’t get on does anyone know why”. Another added, “FIFA just posted on Twitter it can take an hour” and “Servers still down, anyone know for how long?”.

We are waiting for an update from either EA, or the official EA Sports social accounts, with an ETA for servers to come back online. Let’s have a break if your can’t connect to FIFA 15 servers. Let’s buy FIFA 15 Coins, which can help you obtain more power and prestige!

Update: Battlefield servers are down with FUT servers, according to some PS4 owners. Let us know in the comments what platform you’re playing on and what games aren’t working for you this Sunday.



EA has released the fifth batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers with only five new players’ cards: Ibarbo, Lennon, Doumbia, Cuadrado and Schurrle.

EA Sports have released the fifth batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers.

Remember that in order to get one of these new cards, you will have to get them in packs or buy FIFA 15 Coins to get them in the market house. The existing players’ cards do not update. They just stop to be released in packs.

Here it is the complete list of the fifth batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers:


Juan Cuadrado 83 RM Chelsea Barclays PL Colombia
Seydou Doumbia 82 ST Roma Serie A Ivory Coast
André Schürrle 81 LM VfL Wolfsburg Bundesliga Germany
Aaron Lennon 79 RM Everton Barclays PL England
Víctor Ibarbo 75 RW Roma Serie A Colombia


fifacoinsfut.org guides you How Corners Can Be Turned into Goals

The development team at EA Sports has already delivered a Team of the Week for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15 today, but the studio is not resting and a new video is now live and delivers information about the way corners can be used in the football simulation in order to create more goals. We know that corner kick is important in FIFA 15 Coins if you want to perform an effective attack in a match.

In about 3 minutes the company explains the major strategies that can be used for short or long corners and how a team can take advantage of its various strengths in order to get the ball into the net from a fixed position.1

Switching to the receiver, which is new to FIFA 15, is very important because it offers more options for gamers to use against a stubborn defensive line.

There are also some tips for defensive action and the most important advice offered by EA Sports is to always try and move the ball away from one’s own goal as quickly as possible without trying to pass out of the box.

The tutorials created by EA Sports for FIFA 15 are important because they offer a quick and relatively easy learning experience for those who might be new to the football sim or gamers who have not relied on a particular side of the title so far.

This ensures that almost all those who play online or in the Ultimate Team mode are skilled enough to offer a pleasant match to other members of the community and the game remains engaging in the long term.

Winter transfers are now live in FIFA 15

Despite the fact that no major patch was introduced by EA Sports all winter transfers that took place in the real world are at the moment live in the game, which means that stars like Cuadrado can start contributing to their new teams.

The studio is also delivering more Team of the Week packages for Ultimate Team and presumably will also implement some community focused events in the coming months.

A new FIFA title will only be revealed in time for E3 2015 and actual details will not be offered too soon in order to make sure that last year’s installment is still played by the fans.

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1MARIO GOMEZ                                                                                                                          

Starting Date: 04-02-2015 12am (UK time)                                                                                     Ending Date: 05-02-2015 12am (UK time)                                                                                     Regular Rating: 82                                                                                                                                 MOTM Rating: 83                                                                                                                                   Reason: Italian Cup            


Starting Date: 03-02-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 04-02-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 75
MOTM Rating: 77
Reason: African Cup of Nations


Starting Date: 03-02-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 04-02-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 70
MOTM Rating: 73
Reason: African Cup of Nations


Starting Date: 03-02-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 04-02-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 81
MOTM Rating: 82
Reason: African Cup of Nations


Starting Date: 03-02-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 04-02-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 66
MOTM Rating: 70
Reason: Asian Cup


Starting Date: 29-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 29-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 83 -> (84)
MOTM Rating: 85
Reason: Capital One Cup


Starting Date: 28-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 28-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 86
MOTM Rating: 87
Reason: League Cup


Starting Date: 28-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 28-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 64
MOTM Rating: 64
Reason: Asian Cup


Starting Date: 28-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 28-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 60
MOTM Rating: 64
Reason: Asian Cup


Starting Date: 27-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 27-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 57
MOTM Rating: 64
Reason: FA Cup


Starting Date: 27-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 27-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 63
MOTM Rating: 64
Reason: FA Cup


Starting Date: 27-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 27-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 65
MOTM Rating: 69
Reason: FA Cup


Starting Date: 25-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 25-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 73
MOTM Rating: 74
Reason: French Cup


Starting Date: 25-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 25-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 76
MOTM Rating: 78
Reason: Asian Cup


Starting Date: 25-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 25-01-2015 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 74
MOTM Rating: 74
Reason: Asian Cup


Starting Date: 23-12-2014 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 23-12-2014 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 87
MOTM Rating: 88
Reason: World Club Cup

Starting Date: 23-12-2014 12am (UK time)
Ending Date: 23-12-2014 12am (UK time)
Regular Rating: 84 -> 85
MOTM Rating: 87
Reason: Italian Super Cup


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Our Wishlist for FIFA 16


So its been more around 4 months since FIFA 15 has been out and it got mixed reaction from dedicated FIFA fans, EA Sports brought the game to next gen consoles and even PC got the next gen version. There was quite a few gameplay changes in the game from more players animations, facial expression, better ball physics and some tactical changes. Apart from that there were minor changes like live tv presentations before the game (view of the stadium), animated crowd, trembling cross bars, dirty kits and animated substitute bench.1

EA Sports also got 20 premier league official clubs and stadiums which got a good feeling in the game but since it was the first time that FIFA was released on next gen, we can safely say that FIFA 16 will make the better use of PS4 and Xbox one hardware and today we take a look at some of the wanted features and our wishlist for FIFA 16.

Better Graphics

No doubt FIFA 15 looks great on the next-gen consoles but it still feels like something is missing. When you compare FIFA with other PS4 and Xbox One titles, you get the feeling that not as much effort was put into graphic fidelity. Better skin material and smoother looking models are some of the things that stand out. The hair system also feels like it’s from the last generation of consoles. Other than that the new stadiums and match day presentations look amazing. Taking advantage of the new DX11 graphics API can quickly solve this problem. Using Tessellation can smooth out models and you can use the new SSS shaders for a more realistic look.

Goalkeeper AI

Developers improved FIFA 15 goalkeeper animations but they forgot to improve the artificial intelligence. Sometimes it can be quite disappointing when long range shots seem to wiz past the keeper and into the back of the net. There are even some one-on-one situations where you feel like the keeper should have done better. Improving the goalkeeper AI would be a great addition for FIFA 16.11

Online Multiplayer

The FIFA 15 launch was plagued by online lagging issues and it’s even worse on the PC version compared to the console version. When they release the new FIFA 16 we hope they use dedicated servers to help with the lagging. Online mulitplayer is increasing in popularity year-on-year, with scope to add many new features. In fact, popularity is growing so much that professional tournaments are being held online which can be viewed on sites such as twitch.tv. Eventually, there may be enough interest for betting site such as bookmaker.com to create a market for these tournaments.

Micro Stuttering and Bugs

PC gamers have a right to feel aggrieved because most games are console ports. Console port games tend to be buggy and FIFA 15 isn’t exempt from this problem. FIFA 15 for the PC had a specific bug where all players wanted to run into the middle of the field. Most probably FIFA 16 will be a console port, but they should optimise the game better to work with graphics card drivers, so as to eliminate micro stuttering and other bugs.

End-To-End Game Play

FIFA 14 was defence oriented, whilst FIFA 15 is more forward based. This means that games all look like end-to-end encounters, which has removed the realistic nature of previous FIFA titles. The reason we play FIFA is that the gameplay is one of the closest things to realism. In FIFA 16 they should carefully balance the two.

To conclude, FIFA 15 is the second release for the relatively new PS4 and Xbox one. Over the next few years the games are not only going to look better and better but they will have a more authentic feel. These are just some of the suggestions that we hope EA can implement for the next version of FIFA. It remains to be seen whether EA Sports will take note, but they’ll be up against heavy competition from PES if they don’t.

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