A New Patch of FIFA 15

FIFA 15 a new patch has been released on all platforms, of course, we have patch notes that list what’s new in the update for the patch. And the patch has been published for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox one. The FIFA 15 1.05 patch is sized at 328.3MB, on PC it’s 200MB, on Xbox One it’s 250MB, and around 50MB on Xbox 360 and PS3. The patch’s main additions are the new MLS teams, namely New York City FC and Orlando City FC. The patch also improves stability to match day functions, online seasons and pro clubs. FIFA Ultimate team players will also find an improved ‘compare price’ function when searching for consumables. 3Now, I would be a happy person, if only EA could fix the passing. So you can think about what is your new patch? Were you expecting others? Or happy with a new change? I hope to know your ideas in the comments below.

Orlando City Now Playable in FIFA 15 Really Happened

EA Sports

In experienced great doubt, delay and speculation, FIFA 15 finally got into the game of Orlando City. Let’s look at what they did.FIFA 15

If you’re a fan of FIFA video game, then you’ve most likely seen my FIFA 15 updates here on this website. With all the guessing about when EA Sports would update the game to include Orlando City SC, I hope this year’s competition will be updated here

However, after weeks of talks that there would be an update in February — and those updates never happening — I began to feel like it wouldn’t happen.

BUT, out of the blue yesterday, word began to spread that Orlando City And New York City FC made their way into the game. Naturally I rushed to turn on my PS4 to finally play with Orlando on FIFA 15. (As a side note, I did get the Orlando City roster on my PC for FIFA 15, before my computer updated and the game stopped working.)

As I opened up the game and looked into the rosters, I was heartbroken to see that Orlando wasn’t on the game. Naturally, I went to the internet and learned that Orlando is NOT on the next generation consoles yet (meaning PS4 and Xbox One). They only exist on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

For some reason, EA Sports put both expansion teams into the “Rest of World” section of the game, instead of into the MLS. Weird.

So, because I didn’t have a “last-gen” version of the game, I called up one of my friends, who helped me out. He gave me a rundown of the ratings of all the players from the game. Some are surprising, and others are disappointing.

 EA Sports

As you can see from this picture that my friend graciously took, some of the ratings are a bit surprising. The best surprise for Orlando fans is that Kevin Molino comes right out of the gate as a 67 overall. Original ratings from the game had him at a 49, so having him go up almost 20 is a nice thing to see. They also have Darwin Ceren at a 60 overall and as a starter, because they do not have Cristian Higuita on the roster yet. Rafael Ramos comes on as a 58 overall, which includes an 86 agility and 78 acceleration.

Meanwhile, on the bench, they have Josh Ford at a 58, Estrela at a 56, Eric Avila at a 64, Martin Paterson at a 64, Seb Hines at a 65, Carlos Rivas at a 64, Lewis Neal at a 60, Pedro Ribiero at a 61, Tyler Turner at a 56, Sean St. Ledger with the second best defender rating, at a 67, Tony Cascio at a 63, Tally Hall at a 67, Harrison Heath at 50 and Danny Mwanga at a 61.

With all of this said, the biggest disappointment in this update is Bryan Róchez. The young Designated Player is listed as the worst player on the Orlando City roster. Harrison Heath even has a one point advantage over him in ratings. It’s only a matter of time before these ratings get updated, but Róchez needs to prove over the next few weeks, that he deserves better than a 49 overall.

At the moment, if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360, and I’ll be jealous of you. I hope that the folks with the “next-gen” consoles will get an update in the coming days. If there are any updates to FIFA 15, please stay tuned to this space and we’ll tell you all about it. This story will be updated with any news that comes out over the next few days. At that time, to all you last-gen gamers: enjoy the fun! I envy you.

Chelsea FC Beat West Ham 1-0

Azar West Ham break the door for his teammates sent assists and pass the ball to bring us victory made him satisfied. Buy FIFA 15 coins Online.
Beijing on Thursday morning, guests Blues West Ham, the first half in the middle of Adjara headed home to complete a fatal blow. Blues winger acknowledge the goal for him is rare.
“Ramirez’s biography is very beautiful, I scored with the head.” He said, “I want to play is the goal, is to win. I’m not much into the header, but the ball is very important. “
Azar has been harvested this season, 14 goals, including two header, and the other is at home to West Ham in December opened the scoring header. This time the Blues against West Ham, both teams have a lot of scoring opportunities, Azar had for Diego Costa, William Ramirez and transport ammunition. But the score is still fixed in the 1-0.
After the round win, the Blues continued to lead the Premier League five points. Azar talked about the importance of winning the League Cup and then made this league victory.
“Difficult is difficult, but I think we deserved the victory.” Belgian winger said.
“They played very well, we know the competition here will encounter such a situation. After a draw at home to Burnley, which is very important three points.”
“Can not enter the second ball, not the elimination of suspense, always a hard time, but our defense is very tenacious. Team are struggling to defend.”
“Just finished a final, to keep the state in the league, is not easy to stay focused, but now we are top, we want to stay in this position.”
“This victory exciting, we finish the rest of this season is also good. We have a lot of games to play. Now we can put a couple of days off, and enjoy their grandchildren, and then meet again for Paris Saint-Germain a war. “
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Luis Suarez Interrupted Neymar and Lionel Messi‘s Effortless Skills

Most of the time, we like to sit back and enjoy the ludicrous skills of the world’s best players. But occasionally, they display those skills with such ease and nonchalance, we just get jealous.

Take this video of Lionel Messi and Neymar warming up before Barcelona’s Copa Del Rey semi-final second leg against Villarreal last night.

The two South American superstars start off simply knocking the ball back and forth as they practice their ball juggling. That very quickly escalates into a game of long-range volleying at each other, all the while using flicks and tricks to keep the ball off the ground.

Just look at how easy it is for them. It’s sickening. How is it that these two men can be gifted with such amazing talent, while most of us struggle to do 10 kick-ups?

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Some Players were Downgraded in FIFA 15

Every week EA Sports release a Team of the Week for FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team mode which comprises of 11 of the best performing players over the past week. As well as this they also give players upgrades or downgrades for online or kick-off play based on their form in real life. Buy FIFA 15 coins Online.

Whenever these updates are released we’ll be trawling through teams in Europe’s top five leagues and bringing you notable downgrades and some player who we think deserved downgrades. Some of these players will have already received downgrades but their inclusion in this list means that we believe he needs a slightly bigger decrease.

To start off we’ll look at some players who are on the decline and once again World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid is down to 91, a result of his indifferent form. Interestingly it is worth noting that rival for the Ballon d’Or. Lionel Messi of Barcelona’s good form has seen him taken up to 96.

Messi ronaldo

Interestingly despite scoring in Napoli’s 2-0 win over Sassuolo Slovakian international Marek Hamsik has been taken down by one whilst Gervinho’s poor performance in Roma’s 1-1 draw away at Verona has seen him suffer a similar fate. Amusingly despite putting in a pretty good performance during yet another convincing Bayern Munich victory Jerome Boateng is on the decline, perhaps it’s because he didn’t score…

Mousa Dembele – Tottenham Hotspur

One player we were surprised to remain in the green was Tottenham Hotspur attacking midfielder Mousa Dembele. Admittedly the Belgian was pretty good during the 3-2 defeat at Anfield but that a couple of weeks ago now.

He was positively woeful during the first 45 of the 2-2 draw with West Ham on Sunday and it was no surprise to see Mauricio Pochettino take him off at half-time. Dembele has so much talent in his feet that it makes him an incredibly frustrating player because he doesn’t manage to produce more regularly. That he is still rated as one of Spurs’ best player due to his increase form is baffling to us.

Dembele will have to up his performance in the Capital One Cup final against Chelsea.

Vurnon Anita – Newcastle United

Frankly every single Newcastle player could be on the end of a big downgrade after their shocking performance against Manchester City but it is the man who set the wheels in motion, Vurnon Anita, who we think deserves the biggest downgrade. It was the Dutchman’s lax play that saw him give away the ball and then give away the penalty that saw Newcastle concede in the opening minutes.

It is important to point out that Anita has actually been taken down but some Newcastle players remain untouched and we’re surprised that EA have been so generous with the ratings of the players. The Magpies’ game against Aston Villa on Saturday will be a big test and surely another poor performance will result in bigger drops?

Newcastle produced a terrible performance against Manchester City and were rightly put to the sword by the champions.

Newcastle produced a terrible performance against Manchester City and were rightly put to the sword by the champions.

Robin van Persie – Manchester United

Like Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria Robin van Persie remains on the decline for Manchester United after another poor performance during the club’s 2-1 defeat to Swansea City on the weekend. Given that the Dutchman is unlikely to play against Sunderland it will mean he hasn’t scored a single goal from open play in February.

The drop in his stats is not surprising but we think that surely he deserves a slightly bigger knock? He may be United’s top scorer in the league this season but his form recently has not been good enough and at some point FIFA will probably have to give him another drop.

Van Persie

Cesc Fabregas – Chelsea

Yet again in 2015 Fabregas produced another disappointing display for Chelsea, failing to really have much of an impact during the club’s 1-1 draw with Burnley on Saturday. Nemanja Matic’s red card, and manager Jose Mourinho’s subsequent rant, distracted attention from the performance of Fabregas but the Spaniard is certainly not reaching the levels he produced during 2014.

Why 2015 has been the year of the struggle for Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas

Incredibly despite this Fabregas still hasn’t been downgraded and he remains a brilliant player to use, and we’re not sure how much longer that can continue for. Part of the problem for the midfielder is his recovery from a hamstring injury, illness, and being played in different positions but with Matic missing for Sunday’s Capital One Cup he has to step up and produce.


Ron Vlaar – Aston Villa

It is hard to imagine that new Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood could have endured a worse start to his Premier League tenure at Villa Park. Having taken the lead against Stoke City they were then pegged back and conceded a stoppage time penalty to see three points evaporate from their grasp.

The man who gave away the penalty, and effectively lost his team a point, was captain Ron Vlaar whose performances levels have been horribly inconsistent as talk around his future continues to rise. The Dutchman’s contract is up at the end of the year and although it doesn’t look likely that he’ll sign a new deal it’s also unclear where he’ll end up moving. He’s another he should have received more of a downgrade than he did, not exactly a happy return to the first team.

Aston Villa and Ron Vlaar were left to rue his mistake against Stoke CIty.


Capital One Cup Final – Chelsea vs Spurs in the FIFA 15

On Sunday afternoon London rivals Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur will go head to head in the Capital One Cup final. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho failed to win a trophy during his first season back at Stamford Bridge. Spurs haven’t won a trophy since the last time they won this trophy back in 2008 when they beat Chelsea. Buy Fifa 15 Coins PC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS4, Android, IOS Service on UTfifa15coins.

The game will be hotly contested, with the Blues eager to avenge their 5-3 defeat at White Hart Lane on New Year’s Day. In preparation for the game we decided we would let FIFA predict what is going to happen in the final. We played out the final taking control of Chelsea and Spurs and proved to be a memorable final.

As far as team selection concerned Mourinho decided it would be John Obi Mikel, not Ramires, to replace the suspended Nemanja Matic in midfield. The Nigerian played as the midfield anchor with Oscar and Cesc Fabregas just ahead of him. Willian and Eden Hazard occupied the wide positions with Diego Costa up front. Pochettino took Mousa Dembele out of the team following his disappointing display against West Ham and went with both Ryan Mason and Nabil Bentaleb in the middle with Nacer Chadli, Christian Eriksen and Erik Lamela behind Harry Kane.

Capital One Cup Final - We Simulation Chelsea vs Spurs in the FIFA 15Capital One Cup Final - We Simulation Chelsea vs Spurs in the FIFA 15

The game started at a frantic pace with the man the moment, Kane, bursting through within seconds but after cutting back onto his right foot he fired his shot straight at Thibaut Courtois. The Belgian was then called into action, diving to his right to make a superb one handed save to deny Eriksen. Spurs were creating most of the early chances, with Eriksen in particular benefitting from the absence of Matic. The Dane was tormenting Mikel and after 23 minutes he lunged in on Eriksen to pick up the first booking of the match.Capital One Cup Final - We Simulation Chelsea vs Spurs in the FIFA 15

If Chelsea fans were starting to question Mourinho for including Mikel in the side they were soon singing his praises when Fabregas floated in a corner just before half-time which the midfielder powered past Hugo Lloris. It really was the only way that Chelsea were going to get into the game, a set-piece, and it was the perfect time to score. Eriksen nearly equalised straight from the kick-off but his looping shot was tipped over by Courtois.

After the break whatever Mourinho said at half-time clearly worked because Chelsea came out with renewed purpose. They pushed Spurs hard and the second goal came when Lloris parried Costa’s shot straight into the path of Willian who made no mistake. Once again the instant response came from Eriksen and once again Courtois had to be alert to tip the ball over.

Eriksen then went close twice again, first tamely hitting the ball at Courtois but then a header caught the Belgian out but it came crashing back off the bar. This was a mirror image of an incident in the first half when some pinball in the Chelsea box resulted in the ball hitting the post, with Courtois’ goal leading a charmed life.

Chelsea looked to be closing towards a comfortable win in the cup final but they had reckoned without the force that is Harry Kane. With around 20 minutes to go Kane picked up the ball around 40 yards out, he dribbled past two players and then unleashed a shot into the bottom corner. Courtois will be disappointed he didn’t react quicker but it was a sensational goal from Kane and the moment of magic that his team desperately craved. All of a sudden they were back in the cup final.

Mourinho decided to bring Juan Cuadrado on for Willian whilst Spurs took off Mason and Lamela, bringing on Andros Townsend and Mousa Dembele. In the 84th minute Eriksen was given yet another chance to score but his free-kick went agonisingly wide of the post. Having had to bring Ramires on in the first half for the injured Oscar Mourinho was wary of making another change, choosing to avoid romance by keeping Costa on the pitch rather than bring Drogba on.

However it was a decision that became totally vindicated in the dying stages of the match when Costa was set through on goal by Fabregas and he kept his cool to lift the ball over Lloris and seal the result for Chelsea. At the end of the game Chelsea players rejoiced around their unlikely hero, John Obi Mikel. Mourinho ultimately made the right tactical decisions and his team’s experience won out.

Capital One Cup Final - We Simulation Chelsea vs Spurs in the FIFA 15

UTfifa15coins – FIFA 15 Penalties Tutorial

Penalties is important in FIFA 15 Coins if you want to perform an effective attack in a match. Then you need to learn how to Penalties. Here we have some tips and tricks for you. Though it might be boring to practice the Penalties.

Scoring from the 12 yard spot sounds simple but as we’ve all seen both in real life and in the game that it can often be far trickier than it seems.

In order to help you out EA have published a short video talking you through the basics, various methods of taking penalties and how to actually save it yourself.


First things first, you should always make sure you’re picking the best man for the job, which you can check by pressing RT/R2 before the penalty is taken and make sure the player taking it has a high penalty taking attribute.

FIFA 15 Squad Builder – Serie A Pace XI

Then press the shoot button shortly before the marker hits the green area in order to allow for reaction time, aim whilst you’re powering up the shot and remember that the invisible aiming marker will move faster as your aim gets closer towards the goal frame.

They suggest that the best way to take a penalty is to aim slightly above the keeper and hit the ball hard although if you think your opponent is going to do this to you then just press up on the right stick.

Penalties can often deny careers for players and they are a crucial skill.

The stutter penalty can be useful when you are trying to psyche your opponent out and can be performed by press shoot again during the run-up of your penalty, but be aware the aiming marker will become bigger and will move quicker after doing this so be gentle with your aiming.

The chip can be performed by pressing LB/L1 during the run-up and whilst it is useful, should the keeper dive, it will limit you to aim in just the middle third of the goal.

When you are trying to save a penalty you should use the right stick to dive and you can either try to guess which way your opponent is going or react once the ball has been kicked although this latter method is much harder.

There are also a variety of mind games you can play with your opponents before they take the penalty by pressing various buttons.

These include pressing shoot to point to an area of the goal, pressing pass to act wobbly at the knees, press through ball to wave your arms and press cross to perform a matador pose and of course remember with penalties that practice makes perfect. And you can use these skills to win your game and get FIFA 15 coins just in the situation that when your player is countering and you’re waiting for your players to catch up.

UTfifa15coins takes FIFA 15 Winter Upgrades List to you

EA has finally released the highly anticipated FIFA 15 Winter player upgrades list for FUT. As expected, there’s some big upgrades for players like Harry Kane which were expected, but also some surprising ones too. We now can bring you the full list to download, which will give you a perfect heads-up as to which players have been upgraded in order of gold and silver ratings. Buy Fifa 15 Coins PC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS4, Android, IOS Service on UTfifa15coins.

Harry Kane has been given a whopping +7 upgrade, meaning that his new card in FIFA 15 is now a 77 compared to 67 previously.fifa-15-biggest-player-upgradesWe’re pleased to see that Liverpool’s Emre Can has also been rewarded for his form – he’s now a +1 with a 75 rating in the game, Adam Lallana has had a +1 too to 80.

We have extracted EA’s Google Doc file, which contains the full download list. It lists every single player that has been upgraded by EA and also contains the in-form upgrades too if the player has it.

Take a look at the list and let us know your immediate thoughts on the upgrades. We’ll be picking out select upgrades for further discussion throughout the week.fifa-15-winter-upgrades-list-download


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fifa 15 coins - 4.jpg

http://www.utfifa15coins.com ) — Based on the tradition, another rendition of FIFA 15 St. Patrick’s Day tournament may hit the shelves on March 17, 2015. It will be the best chance to get FIFA 15 coins for free. Here are what you must know to take part in the tournament and how to get free FIFA 15 coins.

What you must know before joining in the tournament

Squad: your FUT squad must consist of 18 players from Republic of Ireland, 18 players from Northern Ireland or 18 players from the Irish Airtricity League, similarly to that in FIFA 14.
Rewards: Last year, the first tournament trophy was awarded 15,000 coins + 1 premium gold jumbo pack (online) and 10,000 coins + 1 premium gold pack (offline).
Date to start: around March 17, 2015.

Tips to participate in the tournament and win

1. Choose the right players. You need players to fill your roster, and you should choose some decent bronze players for your bench.
2. Buy players in advance. With the approaching of the tournament, some players will become extremely costly, such as McGeady went for +8,000 at his peak, while Shane Long went for 50,000 at one point. So you need to buy them when they are cheap with FIFA 15 coins xbox 360.
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