ArcheAge Setting Sailing Closed Beta Advertising Video [China]

Does anyone play on the Chinese servers? I’m currently playing on the chinese servers, and i’m looking to see if any other foreigners (westerners) play on here as well.

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When ArcheAge turn into nintendogs + cats

I don’t know what to say about this upcoming features Full thread


Worldgates / Hereafter Stone Teleporting Removal

Hello everyone! I have no idea if they actually read our posts here or not as I’m new the community but I figured it was worth a shot! Also if this has been brought up before sorry! So I’ve been playing now for about 2 and a half weeks. In…


Secrets of Ayanad Ready to Launch with New Trailer

Trion Worlds is ready to unleash Secrets of Ayanad on ArcheAge live servers. The update brings a level cap increase, the Diamond Shores location, the Ayanad Library and more into the game. To celebrate the big update, Trion has released a new trailer. Check it out!

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What information Trion has stored on your Europeans?

As Trion operates within the European Union, they are bound to follow the privacy and consumer protection laws that exist within. If you wish to find out what information Trion has stored on you digitally, written or data-mined and what of that is distributed on to third parties you can…


Best ArcheAge Class for Coins Purse Farming

There are many kinds of coinpurse in ArcheAge, of which the Jester Coin Purses is many players want to farming, checkout where to farming jester’s coinpurse in here: Easy Making ArcheAge Money – Jester’s Coinpurse and A Spot for ArcheAge Auroria Armor and Jester’s Coinpurse Farming. Knowing these places you…

Archeage Healer Cleric

Archeage Healer Cleric Guide – How to Control Mana and Healing

As we all know, there are 120 kinds of classes we can choose in Archeage. Same to other MMORPG, you can to be the Tank, Healer,DPS in the battlefield through skillset combination. You can choose three skillsets among 10 skillsets. Well, if you are the fan of being Healer in…


What Can You Do about ArcheAge Randomly Closing/Freezing/Crashing to Desktop due to Hackshield?

Hackshield is extremely incompatible with the many various different unique PC’s out there. Many ArcheAge players have disabled a huge portion of your systems services and resources but you still have problems with ArcheAge crashing to the desktop and/or permanently freezing. This anti cheat program is too finicky and will…


Some Tips of ArcheAge

Easy answers to common questions along with some tips I’ve picked up on the way. Meta Why should I play this game? It deeply attends to all the different preferences of a player and makes them all co-dependent with one another, forcing interaction and relevance no matter what path you…


Why not be Patient with ArcheAge When we Lost in Continent?

It’s kinda silly, but I feel like giving up on ArcheAge. It’s silly because the game launched in mid-September and we’re currently in November. The fantasy sandpark does have more than it’s share of problems, but logically I know that it’s way, way too early to start piling dirt on its imaginary corpse….