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Blade & Soul Minimum System Requirements and Clients Download

The Blade&Soul official site has been updated the launch guide to players get ready to roll when servers go live for Founders on January 15th and for the wider public the next week. In the previous article, we have shared the information of BNS NA/EU Servers Revealed on January. Today,…

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ArcheAge Gold Guide for New Players

Is it worth for new players to start now? Is it possible to catch up? My perspective on things: All you need is $15 a month for patron, Honestly. I used to spend most of my gold a month just for patron, Now I wish I would have just been…

blade soul screenshot

Time To Get Ready for Blade & Soul’s Western Launch

It’s nearly time. Blade & Soul will be launching in North America and Europe on January 19th at 12:01am EST. Naturally, publisher NCSoft West wants to make sure you’re ready to jump in once you’re able to. First off, the publisher has revealed that it’ll be launching with additional servers,…

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How to Level Fast in Blade & Soul

Blade and Soul NA is upcoming, we can experience the amazing online game on January 19, 2016. Well, many people have questions about Blade and Soul, such as how can we level up fast in Blade & Soul? Which class is best to level fast? This guide will be detailed…

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How to Earning Blade and soul gold Quickly for New Players

Blade And Soul is finally coming to NA North America, some who have played in closed beta must realize that earning Blade and soul gold is too hard in Blade and Soul. A lot of items can only be sold for a few copper coins, and learn one skill cost… is one of the most trusted, established suppliers of Blade and Soul gold

Blade and Soul is a MMORPG masterpiece and a perfect combination of Eastern fancy and martial arts. Blade and Soul gold helps players enjoy the game better by making the game characters more vivid and remarkable. By purchasing BnS gold, you are able to explore new possibilities and make the…


Server Transfers & Merges Coming Soon to Archeage

Just a reminder that sign-ups for server transfers are just around the corner for Trion’s free-to-play fantasy MMO, Archeage. For those of you playing on the following servers, you’ll need to decide what course of action you’ll want to take by August 25th. You’ll have three choices: to participate in…

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25 Tips to Explain ArcheAge Mechanics for New Players

ArcheAge is a game full of depth and excitement, there is so much to do and so much to see. Below you’ll find twenty tips for starting players to help understand the core mechanics of ArcheAge and help pull away some of the confusion from things like piracy and PvP….


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ArcheAge Setting Sailing Closed Beta Advertising Video [China]

Does anyone play on the Chinese servers? I’m currently playing on the chinese servers, and i’m looking to see if any other foreigners (westerners) play on here as well.