What Can You Do about ArcheAge Randomly Closing/Freezing/Crashing to Desktop due to Hackshield?

Hackshield is extremely incompatible with the many various different unique PC’s out there. Many ArcheAge players have disabled a huge portion of your systems services and resources but you still have problems with ArcheAge crashing to the desktop and/or permanently freezing. This anti cheat program is too finicky and will…


Some Tips of ArcheAge

Easy answers to common questions along with some tips I’ve picked up on the way. Meta Why should I play this game? It deeply attends to all the different preferences of a player and makes them all co-dependent with one another, forcing interaction and relevance no matter what path you…


Why not be Patient with ArcheAge When we Lost in Continent?

It’s kinda silly, but I feel like giving up on ArcheAge. It’s silly because the game launched in mid-September and we’re currently in November. The fantasy sandpark does have more than it’s share of problems, but logically I know that it’s way, way too early to start piling dirt on its imaginary corpse….


Five new features of ArcheAge Make it Feel More Original and Worth Trying

ArcheAge is a new free to play MMORPG that seems to be exploding into the MMO world. Siv HD, CohhCarnage and many other popular gaming personalities are breaking out of their typical game genres to try out ArcheAge and they seem to be enjoying it. ArcheAge does indeed feel different than most MMORPGs, however. There…

Conquest of Auroria

Conquest of Auroria will open at November 14

The Trion has announced a new continent – The Conquest of Auroria will open at November 14 before the release of patch 1.7! Auroria, is the northern continent in ArcheAge map, called “The Promised Land” with LV50 elites as well as places for housing, farms, mining, etc. Auroria is also…

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Don’t Require Any Labor Points to Making ArcheAge Gold Fast

Now there are some ways you do not require any labor points to making ArcheAge gold fast. Gilda Star Daily A large of Gilda Stars you can get though do the Gilda Star dailies and trade run, you can use to buy expensive ships and housing patterns, then sell these with a…

AA Potato

Fast Making ArcheAge Gold By Planting Potatoes

There are many plants you can plant in ArcheAge online game, crops, trees and flowers can be grown by you as part of Logging, Farming and Gathering. And you can also sell them to make ArcheAge gold fast in the game. There are two popular crops you can plant in…

Quest Icons

Tricks for Fast Leveling in ArcheAge to Recognize Different Quest Icons

This guide will tell you the most important information about quest system in ArcheAge. Questing is a very important part of gameplay and leveling. Quests help you to level faster and reward you with ArcheAge gold and valuable items. To maximize your experience with quests, it will be important to…

AA Daggerspell Build

ArcheAge Daggerspell Class Guide For PVP

ArcheAge Daggerspell (Sorcery + Shadowplay + Witchcraft) is the most popular mage class in the game, you can get your own heal, mana sustain, and extra defense in PVE, and for solo play it has everything you from CC to take on multiple enemies with a heal combo from innervate +…


ArcheAge Gold Tips For Players

The day has finally come, ArcheAge launched. ArcheAge Gold is the money of one very popular MMORPG ArcheAge. The ArcheAge Gold will be a very important part of gamers need to notice! How to gain ArcheAge gold becomes very important! There are some tips for ArcheAge Players. 1. Crafting skills…