All You Should Know About Making Gold in Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul, a well – known popular Korean MMO game, has arrived in many countries. Experience with the beta and with the other servers has revealed a lot of information about the game that will help out new NA players. In this article, we will talk about the one…


Three Recommendations for Level 50 PvE Soul Shield in Blade and Soul

Soul Shields are sets of 8 fragments which serve as the main source of attributes to a character. Additional attributes can be gained from Soul Shields when equipping multiple fragments of a same set. These bonus attributes are gained when a set of 3, 5 or 8 fragments is equipped….


Ogong’s Folly Guide in Blade and Soul Silverfrost Mountains

One of the five expert dungeons, The Ogong’s Folly is located in Silverfrost Mountains – Primeval Frost. And you can get access to the dungeon via Dungeon Lobby.The dungeon’s last boss is Ape King Ogong that can recover health fast and has high defense. The boss does not change skills…


Fast Way to Hit Level 50 in Blade and Soul

It has been quite a while since Blade and Soul released Silverfrost Mountains, and the new level progress has brought players amazing gaming experience. You have a broad range of content about the level 50. During level 45 – 50, you need to complete the main quest to upgrade level…

the Tainted Lab-in-Blade-and-Soul

Tips to Combat With the Tainted Lab in Blade and Soul

In Blade & Soul new released Silverfrost Mountains, the Tainted Lab is the first expert dungeons that you will meet. You will get pretty good drops. And you can also obtain the necessary weapon upgrade about the Silverfrost Mountains here. In addition, a purple Soul Shield can be collected here,…


Guides to Farm Soulstone Fast

Soulstone is a core warlock ability learned at level 18. It creates a Soulstone that stores the targeted player’s soul (or the warlock), allowing that player to resurrect. If the spell is cast on a dead player, that player is instantly resurrected. But a warlock may only soulstone one target…


How to Improve PvE Combat with Blade Dancer in Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul is different from other MMOs in combat, which is well known by many MMO fans. And for many players who play with Blade Dancer complain that even after upgrading all eq and soulshields, they always be dodhomg attack their skills. Then what to do? Are there some…


Tips to Beat Yeti in Blade and Soul

You need to fight with bosses or other players in all MMOs. The most important thing is that you should use some proper methods. In this article, I would summarize some tips about beating Yeti in Blade and Soul, wish it could be helpful to you. And then, here we…


How to Level Up Your Weapon in Blade and Soul

To begin with, I’d like to put forward the trouble that I have met before. I want to upgrade my Siren because I have used it for a long time. I have a crap load of element power that I can convert into elements to upgrade it but idk if…


All You Should Know About the New Coming Silverfrost Mountains

Today, Blade & Soul’s first DLC expansion released in North America. The new free expansion, Silverfrost Mountains, has added a lot of new content for players. Increaseing Level Cap First of all, I’d like to highlight here is the level cap increase. Players now max out at level 50 and…