Archeage Healer Cleric Guide – How to Control Mana and Healing

Archeage Healer Cleric

As we all know, there are 120 kinds of classes we can choose in Archeage. Same to other MMORPG, you can to be the Tank, Healer,DPS in the battlefield through skillset combination. You can choose three skillsets among 10 skillsets. Well, if you are the fan of being Healer in Archeage, we are glad to introduce the build of healer Cleric.

The cleric has a lot of difficulty leveling solo. We need a team mate to have efficient leveling and we can always add Critical Discord and some other Songcraft skills to your build to help damage.

To be a great healer in the group, the most important two factors are controlling mana and healing.How to make your characters being a main healer? Any players using Vitalism along with Auramance has the potential to do that. And, the professional healer Cleric involves Vitalism, Songcraft and Auramancy three skillsets.

AA cleric skill build

Cleric Healer Properties and Skills:

Healing Power: Main Property to affect your healing
Spirit: Is converted to Healing Power.
Intelligence: Increase max MP and Magical Damage
Mana Regenerate: The ability to regenerate mana which only happens when you aren’t casting. When you are using a skill, it generates a 5 second cooldown after which your mana regenerate will start again.

Necessary Skill for Cleric Healer:
Group Healing Skills:

Mirror LightMirror Light: It is great skill to control the battlefield which cures debuff. As long as you are in the combat, the healer should cast this skill for main Tank which can significantly improve healing effectiveness.

Rhythmic RenewalRhythmic Renewal: Before the battle started with Boss, please cast Rhythmic Renewal on the most possible fight place and the least to lose life. The former aims to serve consider MT, and the later aims to serve long distance player. This skill has60 seconds duration, after you cast it, you can recover full mana within 10 seconds.

Single Healing Skills:
To consider the consumption of mane, we ranked the single healing skills as follow:

resurgenceResurgence >antitheslsAntithesls >fervent healingFervent Healing

Resurgence: is a healing over time (HoT) instant spell,but it lack of critical healing effect. So, we need to use Antithesls when need a mass of life health.

Antithesis: This skill is a single target heal with a cast time. It can be converted to an instant cast skill while under Conversion Shield. Max range 25m.

Fervent Healing is an instant single target healing spell. The spell needs to physically reach the target before it will affect it. It can be casted 5 times consecutively before the cooldown is triggered. Max range 30m.

mendMend: This skill is an area of effect (AoE) healing spell with cast time. It will heal every player including yourself within the radius once. Radius is 20m. Althought Mend to heal all allies health need long CD and high mana consumption, the effect of recovering life health is great! Generally, i don’t use this skill until the last rush time.

meditateMeditate: Last but not least, the amazing skill Meditate to recover mana.When your mana reduce 1/3 mana you should take time to use it, especially when the boss was stoned you should consider using it.