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25 Tips to Explain ArcheAge Mechanics for New Players

ArcheAge is a game full of depth and excitement, there is so much to do and so much to see. Below you’ll find twenty tips for starting players to help understand the core mechanics of ArcheAge and help pull away some of the confusion from things like piracy and PvP….

Archeage Healer Cleric

Archeage Healer Cleric Guide – How to Control Mana and Healing

As we all know, there are 120 kinds of classes we can choose in Archeage. Same to other MMORPG, you can to be the Tank, Healer,DPS in the battlefield through skillset combination. You can choose three skillsets among 10 skillsets. Well, if you are the fan of being Healer in…

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How to Use Less health and Mana Potions in ArcheAge

The ArcheAge allows you to create potions and you always need potions. Healing potions, mana potions, potions of physical protection,magical defense, attack speed which can be crafted by alchemist and sold to other players. Crafting potions is a rather way to make some archeage gold. During the open test, there…


UI Elements Introduction in ArcheAge Online

The UI is one of the most important aspect of any game. If you don’t like the look of the UI then it can be difficult to enjoy the game. Fortunately the UI in ArcheAge does have customization options. Upon logging into the game your UI will look something like…

archeage Archeum trees

ArcheAge: How to Get and Harvest Archeum Trees

A rare tree which can only be bought on Mirage Island. The tree only grows when it has been given a batch of Auroria Mineral Water. For every other batch of Auroria Mineral water given it will grow it’s fruit, which is Archeum shards/crystals. When cut down it drops Archeum…

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Labor Points System in ArcheAge

Now, the second ArcheAge Closed Beta Event: Setting Sail has started, do you participate it with free code? And the CBE3 will come after CBE2 ends to August 4. Today, would share some information about Labor points you care. You know the Labor Points is the key of professions…

AA 24

ArcheAge Beta Guide: Buy Founder’s Packs

If you buy Founder’s Packs, you can get in to beta rest 4 days earlier, this is not fair to me.Early players will have good advantage.Those player will contorl the market, the economy and high level. learn to play a new mmorpg is really hard for me.It may take a…

AA 74

Not Spend a Dime in ArcheAge

If you are not going to spend a dime in ArcheAge, this is what you can expect: 1) Joining in the fun of leveling, exploring, farming materials via killing monsters, pvping (leveling / world pvp, trade run ganking, arenas, naval combat, castle sieges). 2) Joining in the fun of becoming…

AA 29

ArcheAge Trading System Guide: Making Crazy ArcheAge Gold

Trading is a big part of the crafting in ArcheAge game. You can farm and harvest materials that you later craft into packages. Then you bring those packages to a trading outpost in another region and make a profit based on distance and rarity. You can also trade in packages…

archeage eznan cutter

ArcheAge Ships Guide: How to Building a ship or boat

Ships is very important means of transport in ArcheAge online game, like a Mount, you can travel by the sea, explore under water territories and continents. What’s more, you can fishing in own ships, very relaxing and enjoy it. So, how to building a ship or boat? Of course, you…