MU Legend Makes Several Drastic Changes To Ban Suspicious Accounts

The Webzen MMORPG, MU Legend, is not having a good time, and that is since the servers opened for the beginning of its Open Beta. The number of Gold and Bots sellers that has invaded the game has been disproportionate. The chat is illegible of the amount of spam that there is, and worst of all, users choose to buy these illegal sellers instead of the company itself reducing their profit and breaking the economy of the game.


On November 17 with the update patch Webzen wanted to give a temporary solution to the problem, made several drastic changes to the game, in addition to prohibiting more than 5000 accounts in this last wave.

The changes that were made are:

  • The “megaphone item” has been removed from the daily rewards for entry into the gold and platinum service.
  • Changes applied to the item list for the daily login rewards.
  • Mail System deactivated.
  • Deactivated the 1 on 1 Trade between players.

To compensate the players they were also given 1 Day Premium service, in addition to correcting several bug.

With the update of November 21, the developer went further and also disabled the Auction House since it says that it is necessary for the research they are doing to the users that abuse the game systems.

All these measures are temporary, but it is clear that not only cut the tap to gold sellers, but also to all those users who enjoy the game in a completely legal manner. Many users are against all this, because the trade in the game right now is useless, but it is also true that most players who complain is because they can no longer buy gold cheaper than they sell it officially.

Another thing that has caught my attention is that Webzen has published a mass ban until now.

As I said before, everyone should spend their money as they wish, but all the systems that the game has as packs or gold and platinum services seem to me a very careful Pay to Win.

A game that bases its monetization on granting clear advantages that will make you better than another player, does not deserve to be successful. But it is clear that as it is not a game for a majority audience and with a famous IP like Star Wars: Battlefront 2 it will not be affected, being the case exactly the same.

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Madden NFL 18 Update 6 Focused Mostly On Visual Enhancements

Madden NFL 18

Clearly, EA Sports and the developers of Madden 18’s want the game to be the best sport games, EA has released title update 6 for Madden 18. This update focused mostly on visual enhancements, especially for the XBox One X console that is set to hit the market before the Christmas holiday.

Madden NFL 18

Full Update List:
Enhancements available for Madden NFL 18 Xbox One X Include:
NFL experience ever, delivering hyper-realistic gameplay to your fingertips.
Character Level of Detail: Vibrant, detailed athlete visuals bringing your favorite NFL stars to life.
Gameplay Runs at a Consistent 60 frames per second (fps): Seamless transitions and improved gameplay performance between each down.
Upgraded Resolution from 1080p to 4K Ultra HD: Providing players with the highest fidelity visual Madden

Top Fixes/Updates:
Play Now Live
Xbox One X support
Pass Accuracy tuning
Tuning to balance Coach Adjustments
Addressed MUT squads improper XP awards
Replaced the “Bluff Blitz” hot route with “Hard Flat” for Inside Linebackers
Addressed issues around users losing control for a short time during the camera flip on turnovers
Addressed issue around Injured Players not showing up as being on the IR when starting a franchise via

Play Now Live
Stability improvements
Addressed issue displaying certain menus in 4K
Updated NFL records for Offline (already available in Cloud)
Addressed issue around Injured Players not showing up as being on the IR when starting a franchise via

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Anyone Who Hasn’t Experienced Madden NFL 18 To At Least Give It A Try

Madden NFL 18

In the near future, the sport video game will be likely to be a shine game. Like Madden 18, along with the visual upgrade and more changes. Obviously, this game’s visual improvement in every game is noticeable, even some more than other games. Without any doubt, Madden 18 is the game that has seen the biggest leap. Sports games are different than titles from other genres. You can get more sport video game news from U4GM that you the most favorite, reference from here.

Madden NFL 18

Players, equipment and environment pop in a manner that isn’t present in the other games on the list. In Madden, the smoother flow makes all of the animations look better and in turn, the game plays better. I highly encourage anyone who hasn’t experienced Madden 18 on Xbox One X to at least give it a try. If you consider the amounts of franchise mode games and the other modes sports gamers play, the long load time adds up. Again, Madden 18 saw the biggest improvement in this area.

Boot to Main Menu: Xbox One (68 seconds) vs Xbox One X (51 seconds). Cut by 25%
Load into full game first action: XB1 (70 sec) vs XB1 X (26 sec). Cut by 63%
Load into Franchise training games: XB1 (49 sec) vs XB1 X (20 sec). Cut by 59%
Load into Practice mode: XB1 (61 sec) vs XB1 X (20 sec). Cut by 67%
Also save a few seconds loading into Ultimate Team, Franchise, Longshot.

All players would expect to see more notable and widespread improvements in sports games. As anticipated, the load times were brief and you were able to jump right into the action with little down-time. Actor models were rendered beautifully, and you zipped from cutscene to cutscene with no lag-time at all. Probably, Madden 18 was the most fun you have ever had with any of the game’s titles. Madden 18 like other sport game, and also need to buy madden 18 coins to play.

Video: Improvements To Madden NFL 18 For Xbox One X

Even at Gamescom 2017 it became known that Madden NFL 18 will receive an update supporting Xbox One X. This was released by Electronic Arts on the eve of the launch of the new Microsoft console – November 2. Now the official Youtube channel Xbox published a minute video, dedicated to improvements on this platform.

It says that the most beautiful game in the NFL series has become even more realistic due to the capabilities of the Frostbite engine and the increased power of the Xbox One X. In particular, the resolution was increased from the standard 1920 × 1080 to a full 4K (3840 × 2160), and Also there was support for outputting a picture with an extended dynamic range of HDR.

A constant frequency of 60 frames per second is promised during the gameplay and when watching the repetitions of the best moments, thanks to which the game feels much smoother and more pleasant. The third change is the increased level of character detail, which makes NFL virtual stars more realistic.

As a result, the owners of the new console get really the best edition of Madden NFL 18: on the PS4 Pro the game, for example, is not always performed at a rate of 60 frames/s (cinematic repetitions are shown at a rate of 30 frames/s). Additionally, you can try a reliable online store like Madden-Store where offers cheap mut coins for sale at any time.

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Madden 18

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Madden 18

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