NHL 18: The New NHL Franchise And NHL THREES Are Much Fun

NHL 18, the new installment of the hockey game will continue to run with the ignite engine from previous series titles. So far NHL 18 feels like one of the best titles to come out in terms of being vastly improved from the previous year. Puck cycling played out well and the new passing availability was nice. Here you can know more about NHL 18, the latest hockey title, click for source.

NHL 18

The new NHL franchise, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, also publicly conducted its Expansion Draft. This will also be a new implementation into the Franchise Mode in NHL 18. Players can either select the Golden Nights, or create their own 32nd team and conduct the draft. NHL 18 introduced 3-on-3 hockey known as NHL THREES. While the series offered a 3-on-3 arcade mode a few years ago, it never caught on well.

NHL THREES is so much fun, this mode is intense and exciting. Playing an online game of NHL THREES against another player was smooth with virtually no lag at all. Matchmaking happened in moments, and loading times were also quite quick, load times across the various modes were quite quick in general. NHL THREES being a favorite for players.

The NHL 18 Beta plays a better game of hockey than ever. NHL 18 is shaping up to be a good game, particularly in terms of in-game presentation. What’s more, there are appealing menus and greater range of ways in NHL 18. So many players recognize this game’s potential. What are we hoping to see in NHL 18? Will we see any big changes to Franchise mode? Stay tuned U4GM and cheap NHL 18 Coins for sale at here.

The PS4 Pro Support Is Expected To Be Postponed After Madden 18 Launch At August

Currently, the developer studio EA Tiburon is working on the new American football simulation Madden NFL 18, which will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from 25 August 2017 onwards. At Madden NFL 18, EA SPORTS is switching to the Frostbite Engine, which is already being used for football simulation FIFA and ice hockey simulation NHL.


As the players have now confirmed against USGamer, the PlayStation 4 Pro is supported, but not for the launch of the title. The support for the powerful PlayStation 4 Pro is expected to be postponed with a patch after the launch at the end of August. If everything goes according to plan, PS4 Pro owners can look forward to HDR and 4K support.

Stay tuned at madden-store.com for more Madden 18 news.

The Elder Scrolls Online Comes Along With A Free Update

ZeniMax announced that Horns of the Reach, the new pay-per-view DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online (included in ESO Plus), is now live on PC and Mac servers. This is the first content after the release of Morrowind’s expansion Last June.


The DLC introduces two new dungeons (Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge) and several new sets and achievements. Usually Horns of the Reach comes along with a free update, Update 15, which implements a new map for PvP battlegrounds, Arcane University, and an unprecedented mode, Chaosball. There are also new homes and furnishings, as well as various improvements to the quality of life, especially crafting. Finally, the Champion Point cap is raised from 630 to 660.

The DLC costs 1500 Crowns. On August 29th, Horns of the Reach will also play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

NHL 18: New Expansion Draft Feature And Brand New Modes

NHL 18 offers three different editions. Respectively, standard editions, Young Stars Edition as well as Young Stars Deluxe Edition. Three editions release date are also different, standard editions will be launched on September 15th, more precisely, is release date for NHL 18. But pleasingly, the NHL 18 Young Stars Edition and NHL 18 Young Stars Deluxe Edition is set for launched on September 12th, you can pre-order it before three days of the NHL 18 release date.

NHL 18

The Beta version of the game will feature NHL THREES, EA SPORTS Hockey League and Online Versus. NHL THREES, a bold new take on fast-paced, over-the-top 3-on-3 Hockey Action. In Franchise mode, reshape the entire NHL with the new expansion draft feature where you get to create and draft a 32nd NHL team and shake up the league. At U4GM, we deliver the cheap coins that ours clients need such as NHL 18 Coins.

NHL THREES tries to put a light on how the NHL is becoming a faster game, and it succeeds in that. The game is fast-paced with constant scoring chances. It’s the type of play that makes fans want to make the three-on-three overtime in actual NHL games longer. Fans want to see more of this type of hockey, rather than the shootout.

In a word, the developers are attributed this game’s success to this brand new mode. The game brings 6-on-6 online matches, the EA SPORTS Hockey League mode, and new Creative Attack and Defensive Skill Stick gameplay features. You can check out NHL 18 ‘s more news and videos, click for source.

NBA 2K18 Shows Its Improvements At A Technical Level

Before the launch of NBA 2K18, PC users, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will enjoy a demo called “The Prelude”

Users of PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (first in digital, later in physics) will jump to the field to demonstrate their skills in the world of basketball with ‘NBA 2K18′. This new delivery, developed by 2K Sports Studio, will allow us to enjoy intense basketball matches alongside all the teams that make up the NBA and various game modes. The launch of NBA 2K18 is set for next September 19 and we have already had the opportunity to see the first images of the title. Now we only need a video to see the work of 2K Sports is movement. Well said and done, since the studio has shared a video recently in which we show their development process.

In this video, which lasts just over three minutes, we can see the appearance of this graphic delivery, paying special attention to players’ clothes, the realism of their faces and movements, which will be more dynamic. Before the release of ‘NBA 2K18’, users of PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will enjoy a demo called “The Prelude”, which will be available on September 8. Unfortunately, it seems that there are no plans to launch it on Nintendo Switch. The demo will allow you to create a player in MyPlayer and play with him during college years to get to the NBA. If you are interested in this new delivery, we remind you that ‘NBA 2K18’ is now available for booking through this link, where you can find several editions for sale.

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10 Top Ratings Players of Madden 18

Madden 18 will be released nationwide on August 25. With the Madden release date is coming, all fans want to know who is the top rated player. Ok let’s have a look at the top rated players in Madden 18 now.

There are top ten list. Six offensive and five defensive players, because two players tied for tenth. But please pay attention to EA Sports constantly updates the ratings throughout the whole season. This is where the players will start, but it doesn’t mean players further down the list cannot move up the rankings.

No. 1 Von Miller, Denver Broncos LB (99)
No. 2 Tom Brady, New England Patriots QB (99)
No. 3 Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons WR (99)
No. 4 Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams DT (99)
No. 5 Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots TE (98)
No. 6 Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers QB (98)
No. 7 Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers LB (98)
No. 8 J.J. Watt, Houston Texans DE (98)
No. 9 Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers WR (97)
No. 10 (Tied) Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers RB (97)
No. 10 (Tied) Khalil Mack, Oakland Raiders LB (97)

There Are Two Types Of Materials In Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are two types of materials: Normal Quality as well as High Quality. Having being said, High Quality gathered by the disciples of the Land make it easier for a disciple of the hand to craft a High Quality item. Anyway, High Quality raw materials make it easier to make HQ items. You will never regret to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil, action now!

Final Fantasy XIV

For the crafting and gathering system in Final Fantasy XIV, there are ways to gather and make your own items rather than buying them off NPC vendors or other players. Like the battle classes, each crafter and gatherer levels separately with their own tools in the Armoury System. Also like the battle classes, you get a new class quest every 5 levels.

In Final Fantasy XIV, job level boost will boost your job’s level to 60, it will only affect one job and you currently cannot buy more than one, it will not complete any of the story for you, it will simply make your job’s leve
l 60 and complete all the job quests up to level 60.

For New Players Looking To Immediately Get In Stormblood Without Going Through The Game, You Will Need:
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (The base game)
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (comes with Heavensward)
The Tales of Adventure: Heavensward potion

The game is designed to accommodate one character — no alternates needed. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn isn’t nearly as hardcore as FFXI. But, the release of A Realm Reborn, is indeed a turning point for Final Fantasy XIV, in the near future, we are expecting more new improvements, you can also click here to know more.

Albion Online: Recent Problems Were Caused By DDoS Attacks

Albion Online officially launched on July 17. Unfortunately, the team responsible for the game has no easy life – bypassing a lot of work related to the premiere, recently to the pool of problems joined by the flood of gold sellers, and for several days also attacks DDoS and blackmailing.


(…)there are no quick solutions here. We’re in touch with various experts on the topic who are helping us improve our defense infrastructure, but these attacks can and will most likely continue to occur until we’ve made some significant changes (…) Until then, please hang in there with us, we’re not giving up the fight, and neither should you! We have great plans for Albion and we intend to see them through.

The developers at the official game forum have reported that recent server problems were caused by DDoS attacks – they also received ransom requests. The message was apologized for the inconvenience faced by the players. Sandbox Interactive assures that it works with a variety of experts to strengthen security, but until problems are fixed, problems can be repeated. More Albion Online news we will post here in upalbion.com, you can keep eyes close in our site.

The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG Decided To Share Details With Players

Already on August 14, the PC version of MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online will receive the addition of Horns of the Reach and Update 15. Therefore, the developers decided to share with the players details about some of the upcoming changes.


In the in-game settings, you will be able to customize hints (more precisely, you can choose a different color) associated with the fight. Also you will be able to store your Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers in the bank. That is, you will be able to transfer these currencies from one of your characters to another.

In the guilds there will be a history of invitations, so that you will be able to find out who invited the person to the organization. In addition, the head of the guild will be able to issue a permit to view the treasury.

It will be possible to cancel the craft study (but the item destroyed at the beginning of the process will not be restored). And I will not have to take off my equipment any more to improve it. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need ESO gold, you can turn to ESO-GOLD for help. ESO-GOLD has cheap ESO gold for sale.

The Beta For NHL 18 Includes EA Sports Hockey League And More

The Beta for NHL 18 soon to be end, and this Beta will be finished on 8th August. Thus, to take part in NHL’s Beta make sure to sign up before then. EA SPORTS has now laid out complete description of all that will be available with the Beta. For the Beta details, you can find more at here, keep an eye on U4GM at any time.

NHL 18

Having being said, this Beta includes EA Sports Hockey League with both standard and the new 3-on-3 OT style, regular online versus games, and the new arcade mode NHL THREES. NHL series is one of the most popular sports simulations. The NHL 16 was a great part, and the NHL 17 was basically nothing but the series did not move much. All gamers deem that the NHL 18 will have a great potential to bring good playability.

A great addition to this is the new NHL THREES mode. If you also like the current version of the extension, with only three players on each side, you can open champagne. Really fast hockey with a lot of goals in the 3-to-3 mode, although in the series has appeared a few times, but never in such a range and style.

Vegas Golden Knights, this is a new team that will start its way to fame with the upcoming NHL season and will of course also enrich the NHL 18 as the 31st playable team with the home T-Mobile arena. This is unconventional time exclusivity because of the real debut, the Vegas Golden Knights will wait until a few weeks after the game.

Probably, NHL 18 will be able to meet gamer’s needs, in the next month, a brand new ice hockey simulation video game will be opened to worldwide. Before it launches, the developers are still making more improvements, we will timely update the latest news, we insist on offering Cheap NHL 18 Coins to ours clients, be sure to maximum satisfy ours customers.