These Are The 17 Classic NBA 2K18 Teams

The full list of classic teams to be included in the new NBA 2K18 to be released on September 19, announced by 2K Sports.

Classic Teams

Following the interest shown by gamers for these additions in recent weeks, the company has decided to finally join the 17th team, which will be the 2006-07 Golden State Warriors.

These are the 17 new classics of the NBA 2K18:

  • ’96 -’97 Miami Heat
  • ’98 -’99 New York Knicks
  • ’01 -’02 New Jersey Nets
  • ’01 -’02 Sacramento Kings
  • ’03 -’04 Los Angeles Lakers
  • ’04 -’05 San Antonio Spurs
  • ’05 -’06 Memphis Grizzlies
  • ’06 -’07 Golden State Warriors
  • ’07 -’08 Denver Nuggets
  • ’07 -’08 New Orleans Hornets
  • ’10 -’11 Dallas Mavericks
  • ’10 -’11 Chicago Bulls
  • ’11 -’12 Oklahoma City Thunder
  • ’11 -’12 New York Knicks
  • ’12 -’13 Memphis Grizzlies
  • ’13 -’14 Indiana Pacers
  • ’15 -’16 Golden State Warriors

NHL 18 Franchise Mode: Common Questions And Professional Answers

NHL 18

HL 18 is scheduled to launch on September 15th, it’s mainly available on Xbox One and PS4. This game feature a variety of features and modes, hence, players also come up with many questions. Let’s we analyze and summarize these common questions. Based on professional answers, as long as you have more other questions that need to be addressed, reference from here.

NHL 18

Q: You can play Threes fairly seriously, but there’s sillier elements as well. Do you think that will make the mode a good entry point for more casual hockey fans?
A: Definitely.

Q: Do you see Threes becoming a competitive game in the eSports realm?
A: To be honest, when we initially were designing that we weren’t aiming to create an eSports experience. We’ve heard people suggest that because of the pace, scoring and the smaller rink, it definitely creates more opportunities for eSports.

Q: Do you think NHL 18 players will be more interested in experiencing a draft now that they’ve seen the excitement of an expansion draft?
A: Franchise Mode is all about the fantasy experience. Having Vegas there opened up the door for us saying why don’t we had a 32nd team? Because I’m sure people will want to go through it again and draft their own team.

Q: The Vegas Golden Knights are the first NHL Expansion Team in years. What challenges did adding a team to NHL 18 that hasn’t yet played a game bring about?
A: We ended up allowing players to play right off the bat with Vegas’ authentic rosters or jumping in as Vegas, but changing history, all the way to being the 32nd team, creating a fantasy team and going through the exact same process.

NHL 18 gives you more ways to play local and online multiplayer – cooperatively or competitively – than any other sports video game. NHL 18, the latest in the video game series produced by EA SPORTS, released a sneak peak of its player ratings. Run an authentic expansion draft, enjoying an impressive ice hockey gaming experience, are you anxious to buy cheap NHL 18 Coins?

Kyrie Irving Go Traded To The Boston Celtics: NBA 2K18 Cover’s Change

When it comes to the NBA 2K Franchise, and it’s safe to say that it has one of the most popular sports games for years. Kyrie Irving, as this year’s cover in a Cavaliers uniform, however, he just go traded to the Boston Celtics. Hence, for NBA 2K18 this year’s version, and faces a significant problem.

NBA 2K18

Whatever happens, Irving is one of the biggest names in professional basketball and is among the league’s standouts. And no matter who Irving plays for, NBA 2K18’s dominance in the NBA video game market is not likely to be materially affected by this. Why not to buy NBA 2K18 MT, we guarantee that the cheapest price and the fastest delivery.

While there’s plenty of time to now go and change the cover to feature, say, Irving in a Celtics uniform, spare a thought for everyone at 2K now left with one hell of a thing to fix before the game’s September 19 release date. If you want to see more game articles and guide, please keep an close eye on our website U4NBA.

NBA 2K18 is coming on September 19 for Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC. In addition, the game is available for customers who pre-order on Sept. 15. As for the NBA2K franchise, it shouldn’t be too hard to change the cover art, NBA 2K18 is doing something different this year. Every franchise will be represented with an all-time team, but so many squads looks pretty mean.

MyTeam Mode Does Not Escape NBA 2K18 Annual Improvement

MyTeam does not escape the small 2K annual improvements. In a trailer, some new releases are unveiled.

New design of coach cards and play modes are in the spotlight. But it is especially the two new modes of play that are interesting. In “Pack and Playoffs”, you can create your five quickly with a Draft. The “Super Max” mode adds on its side a salary cap to complicate the constitution of the teams.

These additions are to be found from September 15th.

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PC Version Of The Elder Scrolls Online Has Received Horns Of The Reach

PC version MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online has received the addition of Horns of the Reach and update 3.1.5. Added two new dungeons – Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold, from which it will be possible to get 8 new sets. Introduced a new map for the battles 4vs4vs4 – Arcane University. A Battleground mode called Chaosball became available.


Guilds have received new access settings. Now you can cancel the research. You no longer need to take off your equipment to improve it. Now you can customize the colors of different combat indicators. Added three new craft craft: Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni.

The cap of the championship points is increased to 660. New recipes and decorations for the house are introduced. It will no longer be possible to mount a mount in such a public dungeon as Forgotten Wastes. Now, the various NPCs in Vvardenfell react correctly to the attacks inflicted on them from a long distance.

A complete list of changes to the DLC and the patch for The Elder Scrolls Online will be found in our ESO news page. Enhance your ESO crafting with Research Scrolls and Mimic Stone Packs, now 20% off in the ESO Crown Store until August 21! You can grab more news on ESO, further information about specifics of any of the above and more over at

FFXIV: How to Kill Lakshmi in Stormblood


As we know Lakshmi is a dangerous and powerful enemy. Undoubtedly, if there’s no some trick or strategy it will be a really hard task to compete against or kill Lakshmi. Today we’ll bring you a new guide of “Final Fantasy Stormblood” to defeat her.
FFXIV: How to Kill Lakshmi in Stormblood
How to prepare ?

Before fight with her, we need to considering what we should wear for the fight? First, let’s talk about the team that we advise you to wear for the fight against #Lakshmi in “Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood”. The significant aspects is that you can use a single tank to defeat Lakshmi. Because unlike other matches in the Square Enix game for PS4 and PC, you will not have to perform any mechanics that require you to lead to a certain number of characters of a given class.

Regardless how the rest of the team is. it is better to use two tanks in case, the advantages of two tanks are not only speed up to kill her but also can provide a good defence. You should also consider the unique ability that you can only use during the battle against Lakshmi in “Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood,” it will be essential to survive in some phases of combat. The ability will be Vrill this time and will create a shield that will not only protect you from certain attacks but also heal you in what situations.

Be careful the two attacks of Lakshmi 

During this first stage , the mentioned enemy will use several attacks, although there are two that should concern you primarily. These are Pall of Light and Stotram. In the first of them, Lakshmi will mark a player who will have to share the damage with the rest of the group to avoid dying on the spot.

For its part, Stotram will cause harm to the whole group and the whole scenario of the map, so it can not get avoided. The nuance of this latest attack is that it will heal the servants that we have not defeated, so, as we recommend in the previous paragraph, you should try to finish them as soon as possible.

In a few minutes, Lakshmi will show her new abilities and the third stage of the combat begains. The new abilities will reappear the maids of the beginning. This time there will be four, and you will have to be attentive to a new mechanic. The four maids can use Vrill for a few seconds. All in all, beside some skills that require to use, the battle against Lakshmi get based on the repetition of mechanics and the chance of using Vrill’s extraordinary power.

Tanks Are In Short Supply In Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, regardless of your class, your character will have three bars you need to pay attention to during combat. Respectively, HP bar, MP bar as well as TP bar. However, tanks are the rarest thing to find in Final Fantasy XIV at the moment. Everyone knows that tanks are in short supply. Why aren’t there more tanks in Final Fantasy XIV?

Final Fantasy XIV

Since a good tank has to be aware of everything going on at any given moment, changing targets, watching threat, maintaining survivability, and moving about hither and yon. Being the tank doesn’t mean that you have to be the leader, but you’re expected to set the pace of content, both by what you choose to engage and how you choose to do it.

For a lot of players, the strain that’s inherent to the role is just not a fun ride. Tanking in every game asks a little bit more than other player roles. On the whole, tanking in Final Fantasy XIV is a fair bit harder than average. You also have to learn the dungeon as a tank for the first time, something that’s hard to do when you started out from a DPS or healing perspective.

It should be noted that more exclusive news and guides of Final Fantasy XIV, view more at FFXIV4GIL. The game is available in four languages: Japanese, English, French and German. With a wealth of subtle tweaks and new content, the Gears of Change patch introduces new story quests, beast tribe quests, brand new dungeons and many more.

The Latest Update Of Horns Of The Reach Arrives On The Elder Scrolls Online

The add-on is only for PC, PS4 and Xbox One are expected at the end of the month.

Morrowind released in June came the latest addition to The Elder Scrolls Online, Horns of the Reach. This, of course, can not be compared to the size of Morrowind in size, but it keeps plenty of news. Two new landscapes are added to the otherwise unattractive play area: now we can walk around Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge. At these two venues, we can fight four-troupe troops with the hordes of the Dreadhorn Clan. We can also gather a host of new items that can only be found here. But for a limited time at the Crown Store, you can purchase the Collector’s Bundle with exclusive items such as the Karthwolf Charger mount, Karthwolf Shepherd pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls. The pack ticks 3,500 crowns. You can read more about Horns of the Reach’s two new locations on the official site. And here’s a three-quarter hour video of Bloodroot Forge.

Here is a similar Falkreath Hold.

The add-on is only available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released on August 29.

With the DLC, the latest update has also arrived. This extends Battlegrounds PvP mode: Arcane University and a new Chaosball game. In the latter, players must acquire and defend a ball to gain points for their team. Of course, updating can not miss the bug fixes and gameplay refinements. You can read more about this on the our ESO-GOLD site.

FFXIV: Solo, Multiplayer Content Classes And Main Jobs

Final Fantasy XIV

With time push away, Final Fantasy XIV new added more new content, and Final Fantasy XIV was really be changed until the release of the game’s latest expansion, Stormblood. In Final Fantasy XIV, there’s going to be a lot to do in the game, there’s going to be solo and multiplayer content, and when it comes to classes/jobs, there will be many to choose from. It should be emphasized that Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling at FFXIV4GIL.

Final Fantasy XIV

In fact, he’s been looking for a replacement ever since the beginning of Omega. Now, to be clear, he has gone through the proper channels of trying to find a good healer for his group, including going to the group finder. However, no matter where he looks, all the healers he finds are either spoken for, or aren’t up to the level he needs.

Stormblood doesn’t add any new PvP content to PvP, but what it does is completely overhaul the underlying systems governing PvP combat. For one, instead of splitting PvP into multiple brackets, players can start queuing for PvP at level 30 and all players will be on even footing with each other. Whether you’re a fresh level 30 or a raid geared level 70, it doesn’t matter. Skill is all that matters in PvP now, gear is purely cosmetic.

Now, Square Enix may have finally found a workable place for PvP in FFXIV with Stormblood. In FFXIV, the moment-to-moment action is fun. One of the biggest draws to PvP in Stormblood is the fact that PvP is now an alternate means of leveling. Unless you were a hardcore player of PvP, it wasn’t really worth your while in the past. Now, you can spice things up by leveling through PvP as early as level 30 and it’s incredibly efficient to do so. For more on Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, check out more at here.

You Will Be Able To Face Hordes Of Monsters In MU Legend

MU Legend

MU Legend takes place on the continent of MU, first presented at MU Online in 2001. The game includes the classic elements of MU Online, and at the same time introduces a new and exciting gaming experience. In the course of playing the game, players will experience great nostalgia, meanwhile, they will be able to face hordes of monsters with the revamped Dark Lord class. Thus, players are eager to buy MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling.

MU Legend

Let’s embark on a dark and epic adventure for new and amazing maps. Face deepest fears in the dungeon abyss of nightmares, discover the commercial districts, fight to get equipment in Litenberg and more. You can also experience the improved mechanics of favorite events like bloody castle, with full graphics renewed and a new and improved system of rewards.

If you desire to a feeling of intense challenges, there is no doubt that the Arena is the best option. You will be try out to win 10 consecutive 1-to-1 battles against another player’s AI. After each victory, players can repeat the battle to get a better prize or to collect the prize they have accumulated so far during their winning streak.

MU Legend skill tree is truly unique in its kind. All classes have a vast system of skills, which in turn is closely related to the systems of Seals and Artifacts. In MU Legend, players feel comfortable fighting on all major and minor missions until they reach the maximum level. Complex and intriguing plot, players will feel the immense power of their characters from the first levels. Further information on MU Legend and its games can be found more at here.