Mu Legend: The War Mage Will Control Fire And Ice Into Whole Areas

Four playable characters classes In Mu Legend, it can be said that the War Mage of MU Legend is a spellcastor with extensive battleship experience and can specialize in one of two weapon sets at his disposal: the sword and the shield for Melee combat or stick to cast spells at a distance. You can check out a full details of Mu Legend new content here.


By choosing a more magical way (using the stick), the War Mage will control fire (and invoke devastating fire walls) and ice (which will slow down its enemies) into whole areas. The War Mage can especially channel his spells and make them even more efficient and cast chains of electricity or pure magi. But at the cost of a large volume of mana and obliging the War Mage to stand still for a moment.

In melee, the War Mage can use a classic shield, but above all generate a magic shield that can absorb significant damage and explodes when it reaches its limits. To keep your opponents at bay and to escape them, the War Mage can also teleport over short distances and / or inflict damage to enemies along the way.

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