You Need Know the Guides of Target Passing In Madden 18

EA someone is reading my mind and wish list. A few months later, I broke the concept of an improved pass game at Madden, the new Target Passing sounded like I wanted。

“For the first time, you no longer need to be tied to your open receiver, with a new goal passing the way, throwing the player in the exact location of the scene and giving you the final control of the ball.”



That is football may be difficult to grasp, but let us hope that the player to give it a chance to put it off too hard.

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The New Representant Of The Mu Universe: Mu Legend

Today, we can proudly speak about the new representant of the Mu universe: Mu Legend. As know, Mu Legend is a prequel of Mu Online, boosted with Unreal Engine 3 graphics and an insane amount of new content while respecting and bringing back specificities of Mu online such as the Wings and the Blood Castle in a new optimized client. You can also stay tuned U4GM and get more latest news, reference to here.

Mu Legend

Mu Legend includes four classes – Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage – and while it’s a very interesting and diverse game visually, the Unreal Engine makes sure that this game will run even on lower-end systems. Initial tests point to a fun game with exciting combat and a smooth progression that isn’t overly focused on grinding, making for a very enjoyable experience.

According to data statistic, gamers favorite class is War Mage, the combined time spent in game (154 years), or how many times players died at the hands of monsters (1,854,710). Meanwhile, Webzen has already revealed the first artwork for the sixth class, which is currently in the making, a sexy female mage. This is all that we have so far, but we’ll keep looking for any updates.

When you reach the endgame in Mu Legend your character will wear such a tight, badass armor that it doesn’t matter how many hordes of skeletons, soldiers and giant boss creatures get in its way, they will most surely turn into dust. The battle is endless, but so are your options for destroying your enemies. So, all gamers adhere to buy Mu Legend Zen & Mu Legend Power Leveling at U4GM.

Dofus Touch Has Two Factions That Fight Over The World Of Twelve

It’s a known fact that Dofus Touch is very popular and thousands of gamers around the world would be glad to get it. In this Android game, you can create a unique character, choose his class, appearance and sex. Lastest Dofus Touch News at U4GM News & Guides Page and view website.

Dofus Touch

Dofus Touch is thus a perfect mobile copy of the PC version. the game has two factions that fight over the World of Twelve. Dungeons are extremely demanding and will nearly always require a team to be cleared. Dofus Touch players are allowed some liberty with the builds of their characters, and a ranged DPS can be turned into a tank.

In Dofus Touch, you can take your hero forward across endless spaces of a fantasy world. Complete various tasks and help citizens. Join your friends to defeat powerful bosses. Join a guild and participate in the battles with players from all over the world. Upgrade hero’s outfit, improve his parameters.

The game have many unique features, to name a few, fight with other players, over 170 locations, bright graphics, 90 dangerous dungeons and 15 classes of characters. The game also features an impressive array of weapons, and, sometimes, putting together certain outfits and accessories will add a nice set of effects. You can even make combinations to best suit your class and/or playstyle. More and more gamers are gathering precious Dofus Touch kamas, U4GM is the best place to get Dofus Touch kamas.

Albion Online – Guardian Of Albion

When the Sandbox MMORPG “Albion Online” is released in July, players will also encounter powerful bosses, the so-called “Guardians of Albion”. Developers Sanbox Interactive has now revealed more to these opponents who demand precise planning, maximum concentration and tactical skill from the players.


The Guardians represent the natural protectors of Albion. They have been brought to life by ancient magic, and have become more and more powerful over the centuries, they now protect the natural treasures of the world. Five different guards exist in Albion, each of which has immense strength and special abilities. Once killed, they are transformed into sources of raw materials, which provide players with a gigantic amount of 2,560 resources of level six. A raid against these giants can be worthwhile.

The Guardians of Albion:

Old White (Hide)

Old White.fw

The Old White is a giant white mammoth who is spiritually linked to all the mammoths in the world of Albion who have lived or will live in the future. It can be found in Hide Dens of Tier 6. He is generally considered to be the most easy to defeat guard, but players must first fight through several groups of hide mobs to face him.

Ancient Ent (Wood)

Ancient Ent.fw

In the Ancient Ent, it is a huge tree-spirit, which can be found in Tree Groves of Tier 6. In the fight against him the coordination of the playgroup is decisive, since he carries out destructive attacks with devastating Piercing Roots.

Rock Giant (Rock)

Rock Giant.fw

In Rock Outcrops of Tier 6 within the Highlands biome, the Rock Giant drives its mischief. He is the only guardian with ranged attack, and attacks only from a distance, for example, with his Earthquake attack.

Enormous Dryad (Fiber)

Enormous Dryad.fw

Players should not be deceived by the outlooks of this Guardian! The Enormous Dryad emerges in the Fiber Meadows in Tier 6 Swamps and attacks players with deadly assaults such as “Eroding Swamp” or “Pulsing Thorns”.

Ore Colossus (Ore)

Ore Colossus.fw

Players will find the Ore Colossus in Ore Veins of Tier 6. He does not use automatic attacks, but he has a devastating Punch and has a “Crystal Swarm skill” that allows him to extinguish parties in seconds.

The developer team provides detailed information about the Guardians on the homepage of the game. The full version of Albion Online will be released on July 17th. If you need gold or power leveling in game recently, you will want to join in our activity to get the 5% off code and buy cheapest Albion Online gold on UpAlbion. Just mark the time and join in our activity on time.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Review

Returning to the lands of Morrowind can not really leave indifferent. I’m one of countless enthusiasts who are calling for a new version of The Elder Scrolls III. Now, being able to cross that beautiful setting again is beautiful, but we must not forget that here we are 700 years before the original Morrowind. Geographically there is everything, including volcano. But with regard to cities, buildings and the like, things are quite different. Personal frustrations aside, let’s give room to the review of this Morrowind.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

In the world of MMORPGs (and video games in general in fact) stand alone expansions are a rather rare thing. With Morrowind you do not have to be leveling or have any kind of equipment to access new areas. There is no prerequisite if you do not possess the expansion itself. Make sure you can also create a character from scratch and start right out of the new areas. It’s not a little.

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Launch Trailer

ZeniMax has supported the unlucky launch of The Elder Scrolls Online with constant upgrades and improvements. One of the most interesting changes is the level of opponents, rebalanced according to the player’s. In this way, users are free to go for a walk by finding challenges that are appropriate to their chances, following the story and the secondary missions.

Morrowind is structured around the same criterion, anyone can buy expansion and explore new areas. As with the basic game, here too the screenwriters have done a great job with the missions. For the sake of things there is no quality of the story of a Skyrim or an Oblivion, but in the world of MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online is probably the most interesting and varied quest ever. The protagonists are characterized very well, they are complete, fascinating. Unfortunately we can not say the same to the other NPCs, only a handful of secondary ones really surprised me. Of course we always talk about an online role playing game, it is difficult to get rid of filling missions.


The structural problems affecting Elder Scrolls Online are also affecting expansion. Wanting to get to the kernel of the matter is a whole grinding speech. Reaching the level cap requires a considerable amount of time, at some point grinding is inevitable. It’s a bit odd approach, not common in recent western productions. On the other hand, it is very common in many Japanese, Chinese, and Korean role-playing games. I personally do not mind: there is repetition. But being a rather masochistic player I find little satisfaction when I reach the cap in a week after buying a new MMORPG. It is a very subjective discourse.

The explorable world is rather broad, but there are some shortcomings. We should not expect the degree of freedom we had in the original Morrowind, here most of the buildings are not explorable, some areas of the map are unreachable. If you have spent so many hours with the single player version in 2002, you will be able to move smoothly to Vvardenfell lands.

Excluding the endgame (there is a new raid) and farming, Morrowind guarantees between 25 and 30 hours of additional play. Not so much in a MMORPG, but it is also true that content has just been released. No doubt there will be more updates that will expand the number of available activities.

Morrowind adds a new class to the game, the first hybrid. We talk about the Warden, able to tank, care and support. At the moment it is not the best solution in any of the fields, but is extremely versatile. It does a fair job of backup in case of difficulty, perhaps during the most demanding events. It’s a very comfortable class to use in alone, and Morrowind is well suited to this approach.

In spite of its elasticity in combat, the Warden sneaks a bit about the abilities available. Some seem directly borrowed from other classes, and our pet is not controllable in depth. Expansion has been released very little however, will not miss the classic fix in the balance.

The Warden Is The New Hybrid Class Of The Game

Morrowind also offers us the opportunity to massacre with other players in some new PvP modes. Nothing particularly innovative or inspired, in practice are the old Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Domination. However, it is a welcome addition, although you will need to see if the players will stay interested in the long run.

Morrowind is plagued by a large number of bugs, some serious, and others that are not relevant. Bethesda does not have a great tradition in clearing up his role playing games, and unfortunately history repeats itself.

There are also many shortcomings related to the game’s graphics engine, far from the state of the art. Animations continue to be a weak point in production, and it is unlikely that they will be improved. There is also some drop in framerate, as if there was little overall optimization.

In general, Morrowind is a compulsory purchase for those who already appreciate The Elder Scrolls Online, but we also recommend it to those who are fond of the original single player game. The kind of membership is different, but being able to explore again those beautiful settings has some effect. Of course, the depth we knew in 2002 is missing, getting around is less gratifying.

That being said, things do not lack and the quality of the main screenplay is great. Characters are also convincing, at least the main ones.

There is also the Warden, the new hybrid class that turns out to be very effective in the game alone. We have to deal with the technical flaws and the usual bugs of the case, which we hope will be soon resolved.

Morrowind is here on The Elder Scrolls Online! Just fill your bank with enough money and get the necessary weapons and gears to benefit the most from Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to gather enough ESO gold to enjoy yourself in the new content. If you are in lack of ESO gold, you can buy cheap ESO gold on ESO-GOLD.

Gamers Does Admit They Had A Lot Of Fun On ArchAge

In all honestly, ArcheAge is highly slanted toward pay-to-win and sells items that assist a player to enhance armor and weapons during end-game. The game can be regarded as a fantasy MMORPG that sends gamers on a journey aross the great continents of Nuia and Harihara.


ArchAge features four unique races that all have their own passive qualities, along with ten ability trees that create up to one hundred and twenty different class options, providing players with plenty of choices upon character creation and specialization. The best ways and the most convenience channel to buy cheap Archeage gold & Archeage power leveling?

Players choose three of ten basic skill types and thus creating a “class” which is leveled upon improvement. Pets can be purchased and trained into mounts or companions on the battlefield, needing resurrection once they have fallen. It’s more worth delighting that the latest expansion of ArcheAge, Erenor Eternal was launched on June 7th.

Players were previously capped at Level 55 in ArcheAge. With the new expansion, players can progress further than Level 55 via the Ancestral Level system. Owing to the expansion have been released, there are 7 Ancestral Levels, with Ancestral Skill being granted at Levels 1, 4 and 7. Details of Erenor Eternal expansion can be found more at U4GM.

The game has a lot of potential and how great it looks, even is likely to beaten world of Warcraft. Gamers does admit they had a lot of fun on ArchAge, if this game had a way better publisher this game justice and better combat development, in the near future, the game could of been way more popular and beaten world of Warcraft easily.

Each Class In Mu Legend Has 7 Skills To Rotate Through

Mu Legend is the successor to Mu Online, gamers hope Mu Legend will let them relive the glory days of hardcore Mu. Mu Legend is a product of the times, a casual ARPG that most Westerners will play for a bit and think about in rare moments. They feels a sense of entertaining in the course of gaming.

Mu Legend

In Mu Legend, and includes four classes. A fifth one is the Emphasizer. What’s more, classes are gender locked. Click out of here if you want to learn details. Actually, no matter what class you pick the game plays out the same. You run through hallway maps, some of which are very nice looking-sending mobs flying like crash test dummies, completing kill quests.

Each class has 7 skills to rotate through, the tutorial starts you off with a full hot-bar to let you test your button mashing finesse. My War Mage’s Fire Clutch creates a tiny imploding sun sitting atop indecipherable runes. It only lasts for a moment but I appreciate the attention to detail. And skills have gusto behind them thanks to the soundwork: each explosion gives off heat and some bass.

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The Most Anticipated Sandbox Game In 2017 – Albion Online

The term sandbox has been widely used in today’s gaming world. It is a game style that places minimal limitations on the player, allowing him to interact with the world in the way he prefers to select his tasks.

In sandbox games the player usually has access to everyone from start to finish. If you are looking for games that give you freedom and choice, check out one of the most anticipated sandbox games, Albion Online.


Unlike typical MMOs, Albion Online is a sandbox game in which you have the freedom to make your story. You can fight other players in intense, action-packed battles where only the best will come out victorious or challenge the mobs in the Albion universe for items and weapons.

In it you can have your own home and help your guild in different ways. It is possible to have a farm to produce food to feed members of the guild or to raise money, go out into the world of Albion in search of valuable resources or forge powerful weapons and equipment.

After going through a long period of Beta Closed, “Albion Online” finally comes close to its official release, set to happen on July 17th. But before that, the game will receive its latest content update called “Hector”.

The upgrade, which was released on the servers on June 7, introduce changes to Hellgates, such as early, improved Outlands, new mounts, open world PvE changes, interface upgrades, fixes, and more. You can check out more details on here.

For more information, visit the official game site or

E3 2017: Bethesda Prepares Two New Additions To Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda Softworks most recently released The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, but the developers of ZeniMax Online Studios are preparing two more additions to the game – they received the names Horns of the Reach and Clockwork City. The first will be released in August, and the second does not yet have an approximate release date.

Horns of the Reach brings to the project two dungeons (Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold) and “many fascinating adventures”, monster masks and other items. With the release of DLC, the main game will receive a free update with a new card for the Battlegrounds mode and a set of rules for it. Also in the game will add new homes, furniturings, cosmetics, Crown Crates and achievements.

In Clockwork City the same players have to prevent some associated with the Daedric forces disaster. Judging by the name, the addition will suggest going to the Clockwork City of the mysterious Sotha Sil, one of the gods of the Dunmer Tribunal. The developers promise more than 10 hours of new content and “a few surprises”. This will be a standard addition to the main game, which will not require the purchase of Morrowind. Other details will be shared in the coming months at where you can buy cheap eso gold and power leveling.

Mu Legend Offers Deep And Sophisticated Character And Skill Customizations

Generally speaking, Mu Legend is the highly anticipated sequel to Mu Online, powered by Unreal Engine. Mu Legend is relatively open gaming world, however, the open world is pretty standard. A deep and intriguing gaming world, gamers around the world feels highly satisfy. For more information on Mu Legend, interested players are invited to check out more here.


Character And Skill Customization
While enabling every player to feel powerful from the very first level, Mu Legend continues to evolve the player’s gameplay experience by offering deep and sophisticated character and skill customizations. Players utilizing these customizations can embark on their own journeys, whether they want to be a lone-wolf boss killer or a party’s greatest supporter.

Fast-paced & Action-driven Gameplay
Directly from the start, Mu Legend empowers its players with an extremely action-driven and fast-paced gameplay experience, in best hack ‘n’ slash tradition. Unlike most current hack ‘n’ slash games, all classes in Mu Legend possess powerful area of effect skills right from the start, making levelling a truly thrilling and satisfying experience for players of all levels.

The game will also feature third person perspective and quarter view similar to MU Online. The perspective and pace of the game is very reminiscent of what we have come up with in Diablo. It is undeniable that U4GM is indeed professional and reliable website, and it offers cheap Mu Legend Zen with the safest delivery.