NBA 2K18 Is Aimed To Update On September 19th

The upcoming release of NBA 2K18 have been introduced for a long time, and are going to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in September. For 2K players, a Legend Edition has shown something deep in the deep heart of the NBA 2K18 on Twitter. Further, it is aimed to update on September 19th.


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2K team has revealed something in the deep heart of the NBA 2K18 already. It looks incredibly high detailed. The Early Tip-Off Weekend is being aimed for release as soon as possible in September 15th, so this update will come soon as well.

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Albion Online – A New Update Before Launching

Sandbox Interactive is working hard as it gets closer to the release of Albion Online. With the latest update, you’ve introduced some substantial changes to the game world, let’s find out.

Albion Online is destined to be the most discussed massive video game of the year. While on the one hand we have a closed beta active 24 hours a day 7 days a week and now you are just waiting for the launch date (which I remember on July 17), on the other hand we have a no competitor panorama. This obviously is focusing the players’ attention on this MMORPG sandbox that is responding positively among the various communities.


With the new update developers introduced the following changes:

  • A central (and single) hub will be added to the Outlands (Caerleon), other harbors will be removed in favor of new resource areas.
  • A portal will be added to Caerleon to send players to the Outland, with twelve destinations (4 for the low outlands, 4 for the medium outlands, 4 for the high outlands).
  • A feature will be added that will show the number of groups of 10+ players for the game maps.
  • The Outlands rewards have been revised.
  • T8 resources will only be available in Watchtower territories.

While not being a game expert these changes give me the idea of being additional balancing for PvP mechanics trying to diversify their gameplay. Players of “high level” (there are no levels in the game) will be able to give them a holy reason in the Watchtower territories, players who like to explore will now have new zones and groups seeking to wrap their hands can avoid long explorations in the maps seeing in advance if there are other groups of more than 10 players.

What do experts and veterans think about? Let us know in the comments! We swing from your lips.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Early Access Have Started

Early Access to the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind started on May 22. Despite the fact that the release of the add-on will take place on June 6, 2017, already now all the players who have pre-ordered can start their travels around the island of Vvardenfell.


The company Zenimax Online Studios has prepared a detailed guide for beginners, so that the advent of the adventure in the new add-on went as well as possible. It does not matter which version of the game you pre-ordered, access to all content without any restrictions is waiting for you. Early Access is available for PC and Mac versions of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

The mysterious island of Vvardenfell is open to heroes. Explore the beautiful and dangerous houses of the Dark Elves. Attend a lot of points of interest, do new tasks and try an unique class – Warden. More than 30 hours of exciting adventures are provided to you, and with new Battlegrounds and dungeons you will have something to do and after going through the storyline.

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Prepare To Buy The Digital Upgrade Version Of ESO: Morrowind

Reserved for buyers of a physical collector edition on PC / Mac, as well as buyers of Digital Upgrade version of ESO: Morrowind, the anticipated access of the new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, will begin May 22nd.


If you bought a digital edition, you have nothing to do.

On the other hand, if you have purchased a physical collector edition, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to the ESO Support Portal and complete the Early Access entry form. You will need to provide proof of pre-order or pre-purchase of ESO: Morrowind Collector’s Edition.
  • The support team will grant you access to ESO: Morrowind, enabling you to join the Early Access event from 22 May.
  • When you receive your physical copy of ESO: Morrowind Collector’s Edition on launch day, June 6th, you will need to enter the included code to receive your downloadable Digital Collector’s Edition items and Discovery Pack.

You will have a period of two days, so until June 8, to enter your access code.

Console players will not have early access because the delays for certification of updates are too long to allow.

In addition to the early access reserved for certain buyers, PC / Mac players will have access to the rest of the update on May 22, without distinction. Unfortunately, this will not be the case for console players for the reason mentioned above, and they will be able to benefit from the entire Update 14 only from June 6th.

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Mu Legend Classes Available Will Be Offering Character Customization

It’s hard to imagine that this hard-hitting MMOARPG looks to make a splash in the genre. We wish the team at Webzen luck with the beta test, and hope those involved are able to put the game through its paces while having fun doing it. Do you plan on buying cheap Mu Legend Zen?


All classes in MU Legend would possess powerful area of effect skills right from the start in order to empower all characters regardless of their level. The four classes available (Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage) will be offering a great deal of character and skill customization to help players define their own playstyle.

During the beta, players can expect some serious fine-tuning, particularly to new features added around that time. Some of these features are the trading NPC and 3v3 PvP. Are you looking forward to previewing more latest news and guides? welcome to visit here:

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NBA 2K18 Confirmed The Legend Edition Version

According to the official twitter account of NBA 2K, Shaquille O’Neal was confirmed to be the cover athlete of NBA 2K18 Legend Edition. Plus, NBA 2K18 will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Early Tip-Off on Sept. 15, for gamers who pre-order.


Monday, a promo for the game came out, with Shaq giving a mock acceptance speech, and it’s pretty funny.

“Most of all, I’d like to thank Kobe Bryant. He was an NBA 2K Legend cover athlete first. He’s so awesome and handsome and has really nice natural teeth. Wait what?”

2K Sports has already opened up pre-orders for the game that comes in 3 editions; Standard, Legend and Legend Edition Gold.

The Standard edition comes with the base game, 5000 VC, 10 Weekly MyTeam packs and MyPlayer apparel. Meanwhile, Legend edition comes with 100,000 VC, 20 Weekly MyTeam packs, Shaq Attaq Shoes, Shaq jerseys, Championship Ring, Shaq MyTeam stickers, five Shaq trading cards, and a Shaq Poster. Lastly, the Legend Gold Edition comes with the same content as the Legend Edition but it will have more VC, more Weekly MyTeam packs, more trading cards, and a special cover.


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Albion Online is very easy to get into. You simply create your character and then as you would expect you start to look for materials like wood and stone to make new things that will help you get better items and take down bigger enemies. This is actually something you have to get used to as one of the twists of Albion Online is that everything you use in this game like tools and weapons is made by you! So unless you really want to stock up on the Albion Online Gold or Albion Online Silver, you better get good at looking for resources.


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