A New ESO: Morrowind Video Is Ready For The New Warden Class

Soon the “The Elder Scrolls Online” – community with “Morrowind” gets a further extension. A new video is ready for the new Warden class.

A few weeks ago, Bethesda Softworks and the developers of Zenimax Online announced the ongoing work on a new addition to the fantasy online role playing game “The Elder Scrolls Online”.

This is called “Morrowind” and takes you to the island of the same name, which has already centered in the third “The Elder Scrolls” adventure, and provides new characters, quests, enemies and much more. In addition, the so-called “Wardens” have a completely new class on board, which should provide variety in the playful area.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – New Video To The Wardens

Today the two parties gave us a new video about “The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind”, where the Wardens once again take center stage. The latest addition to the fantasy MMO will be available on June 6 for the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

To the video released today, it adds, “Who would be better than your personal guide as a legendary assassin? In our latest video series, Naryu Virian, the Morag Tong Assassin, takes you on a discovery trip to the country and people on Vvardenfell, the site of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. In this video, Naryu Tamriel’s Wardens are on the trail, exploring why these mysterious preservers of nature are so excellent allies.”

Albion Online: Exact Changes Are Coming To The Outlands

Sandbox Interactive continues to rack in improvements to the upcoming Albion Online, the latest of which was the improvements to the Outlands of Hector.

According to the Game Director of Albion Online, in addition to major changes Galahad brings to the Outlands, there are some minor things will be improved in Outlands, such as the roles and goals of the Outlands cities and reward balancing while they don’t want to change the lawless identity of the black zones.

Here is a video that introduce the exact changes are coming to the Outlands and adjustments in the Hector update:

Portal To The Outlands – Caerleon

The current Outlands cities are not fulfilling their roles of being a home for guilds without territories or players who have been excluded from the Royal Continent. For this reason, the developing team decided to remove all cities in the Outlands, as well as all harbors. Instead, a massive portal will now be available in Caerleon, the center city of the Royal Continent.

This portal will lead to different parts of the Outlands, with four exits per region of the Outlands. These exits are different per arena of the Outlands. The low regions will have green exits, the mid region yellow exits and the high-end region red exits. Using the portal is free of costs, but it will bind you the exit you have used for a short time, as well as the region of the Outlands you travelled to for a longer amount of time. This limits how guilds can project their force in the Outlands, while still allowing Caerleon to function as a hub for the Outlands. Finally, Caerleon will now be considered a black zone citiy, allowing players with a Nefarious or Dreaded reputation to enter.

Increased Rewards And Other Changes

Game Director Robin Henkys stated that there are two changes coming to the rewards of the Outlands. The first one is that, the resource distribution is being adjusted. All parts of the Outlands are getting the same amount of resources, but will have different rates of enchanted resources. The higher areas are getting an increased rate. Overall, the black zones will have a significantly higher amount of enchanted resources compared to the Royal Continent. This creates a really strong incentive for gatherers to go to the Outlands, if they want to get their hands on level two and three enchanted materials.

The second change of rewards is changing the way watchtower territories work to make GvG more attractive. Watchtowers will now be the only place in the world where you can find Tier 8 resources. On top of that, resources will respawn at the start of the prime time of the territory. This means that at that time, or right after the first GvG fight, you can begin to harvest those resources. If your guild does not own a watchtower territory, you can still get your hands on Tier 8 resources as you can now raid watchtowers and collect its high-end resources, even if it does not belong to you.

Evacuate To Safe Places

Albion Online is removing the harbors and black zone cities are being as well as their banks and cityplots. Robin recommended that players who have any items stored in one of the following maps need to move them to a safe place before Hector goes live. Marketplaces and islands linked to soon-to-be removed maps will be moved to Caerleon.

  • Aberdown Harbor
  • Cawl Quay
  • Clack Quay
  • Farewich
  • Fort Thursair
  • Harlech Quay
  • Lowe Quay
  • Lyme Harbor
  • Mull Quay
  • Noss Quay
  • Pember Quay
  • Sheerbrough
  • Sunder Quay
  • Tenby Quay

Plus, anti-zerg display in the Outlands is on testing mode on the Albion Online live server. The mechanism shows groups of more than ten players on the minimap, and should in general provide more balanced fights and overall action. The display is not confirmed to be enabled or not.

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Square Enix Shared Two New Commercials For Final Fantasy XIV

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The show is about a son and father who share a rather stale relationship but connect through playing Final Fantasy XIV. Unbeknownst to the father, the son helps him out through the game without letting him know his identity. A sweet and sappy story based on actual events.

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ESO: New Trailer Dedicated To The Great Houses And Assassins

Bethesda released another trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. A new video was dedicated to the Great Houses of Morrowind and the Assassins of Morag Tong.

Recall that The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will be released on June 6 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Addition will bring in the game new locations, quests and battlefields.

Those who buy the addition Morrowind for The Elder Scrolls Online, will receive early access to the game – it will automatically open on May 22. At the same time, those who purchased the Physical Collector’s Edition can also get into the game, but before that they will have to contact ESO Support Portal to activate the access.

Bethesda released another trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. A new video was dedicated to the great houses of Morrowind and the assassins of Morag Tong.

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Albion Online: Expeditions Are Ideal Content

In Albion Online, if you are not quite ready to venture into the open world, in other word, if you are simply lacking the time, arguably, expeditions are ideal content. When you are about to start an expedition, you will find the expedition master NPC in the city. He will give you the option to select whether you want to play a solo or group expedition, as well as the Tier you want to play. More guides and tricks, recommend you visit here: https://www.u4gm.com/albion-online/.


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See The Fifteen Years Ago Of Released Of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Fifteen years ago there was an event that changed the history of video games forever. The event, which in fact became the beginning of a new genre of role-playing games with the open world. An event that brought together many of us in this place and united around one idea. An event without which the series The Elder Scrolls would never have become so successful.

Fifteen years ago the European release of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind was held. Then, very soon we are waiting for the official opportunity to return to his native Vvardenfell and see what the island was 750 years before the events of the third part. In honor of the fifteenth anniversary of TES3, developers from Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios have released a congratulatory video for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, which you can see below:

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