Mu Legend Significant Part: How Your Character Plays

Mu Legend can also be called Mu2, which is a new MMORPG from Webzen, first of all, when you about to start to play Mu Legend, you need to pick your classes in the game. Mu Legend has four different classes, and the fifth class is in preparation, official website has been introduced a lot about Mu Legend classes, you can visit it to get more new details.


Lots of Help Menus
While you work your way through the game, it does a great job at explaining new things you can do and how things work. If you ever forget about anything (such as magic levels and skill point allocation), that’s not an issue – it always gives a heads-up at the bottom of the screen to remind you. Keep in mind that Mu Legend Power Leveling for sale.

Easy Mechanics to Start
At least in the beginning of the game, enemy mechanics are very easy to deal with. Most of it is based on just attacking, with no real regard to what your enemy is doing, and as you progress, there start to be a few battles where you need to watch for red area (“fire,” or AoE). These can be a little unforgiving at times, but they are fairly basic, so catching on is pretty easy.

A Solid Tutorial
The tutorial gives you a somewhat high-level look at how your character plays and how to go about navigating the world, taking down mobs as you go. None of the encounters are very difficult, but it’s a solid show that lets you quickly determine whether or not you are playing a class you will enjoy, as well as dumping you right into the middle of a busy battlefield so you can dip into the action.

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Mu Legend: Fight Is Continuing And Reward Is Attractive

Mu Legend is sequel to the classic MMORPG Mu Online, and it runs on the Unreal Engine 3, more importantly, it featuring hack-and-slash combat, PvP modes, and an isometric perspective just like its predecessor.


On April 21, 2016, MU Legend entered closed beta in Korea. Korean gamers can be allowed to choose from four different classes: Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage. More details about Mu Legend, official website will be offers more:

MU Legend is a fast-paced action RPG that we play online with many other players. This makes it a kind of action MMORPG and resembles the gameplay genre representatives such as Devilian or the upcoming Lineage Eternal. Sometime, some gamers also are required to buy Mu Legend Power Leveling.

In Mu Legend, There Are Four Playable Classes
Blader: A melee damage spreader
Lord: A hard tank class that stops the enemy
Whisperer: Also a DPS class, this time as an elf with a bow
War Mage: A typical Nuke wizard who raushes damage claims

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How to make MUT coins Fast and Easy in Madden 17

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If you don’t know a good Madden 17 Guide, maybe you have to waste an immense amount of time for MUT 17 coins, but produce very little effect. Today, lets learn a effective way from this article where you can make the most gold but with the least amount of time!!!

Step 1 : Make a Big Bank Roll 

The first thing you should do is knock out MUT’s rotating objectives as these are a steady stream of easy coins. These can be as simple as just auto generating a lineup to a certain skill level and/or completing some solo challenges. Completing all of them could earn up coins totaling up to 1,000 coins or possibly even more. So it’s definitely worth doing every chance you get.

Step 2: Don’t Buy Packs

Never ever spend your coins on packs in Madden 17 MUT unless you really like to live dangerously. Yes, this tip is more about not wasting the coins you get rather than earning coins. However, any rich person will tell you that you don’t get to be rich by wasting your money.

Step 3: Updating the Auction House Frequently

The Auction House will be your home outside of games in Madden NFL 17. When you’re not grinding out coins, beating in ranked or whatever floats your boat in MUT, you’re at the auction house. Why? Because it is by far the best place to turn a profit in Ultimate Team. All is fair in love and MUT. Take advantage of your fellow player’s impatience and wheel and deal. Find low prices from people just looking to sell something quick and resell it for a profit.

Step 4: Get Out There and Play Smartly

Finally, try to stick to a scheme instead of wasting coins going back and forth. While Madden 17 is a little more forgiving with Chemistry than it was with Style (allowing you to mix and match), you still want to try and hone in as much as possible instead of having players from a bunch of different schemes. Yes it might suck that your favorite player is associated with a scheme you don’t like, but if you want a swimming pool of coins that you can dive in, do the right thing and sell him.

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