All You Should Know About Making Gold in Blade and Soul


Blade and Soul, a well – known popular Korean MMO game, has arrived in many countries. Experience with the beta and with the other servers has revealed a lot of information about the game that will help out new NA players. In this article, we will talk about the one aspect of the game about making gold mainly. I will give four methods as follows:

1. Daily Dungeons

The first method to make gold in blade and soul is daily dungeons. It is the main source for gold. Usually there are five places which can give out gold, they are Blackram, Misty woods, Highland Necropolis, Orchard of Souls, Hogshead Pastures, Lycandi Foothills, and Sapphire Basin. Of course, you need to reach to the high enough levels so that you can get some gold from those dungeons. Once you get out of the top tier of dungeons, the gold rewards ten to not be worth the time it takes to run them. The monsters in daily dungeons will drop a lot of gold, what you need to do is go faster when playing a high AOE damage class, such as the blade master. In addition, you should collect as many mobs as you can and wipe them out with your AOE skills. Keep in mind, Assassin can’t be useful, it is slow to use it to make gold. As rewards, you can pick up some EXP from daily dungeons.

2. Crafting

The second method to get gold is crafting. You can craft useful items and sell them on the open market to other players. Usually, the players will choose two crafting guilds and two gathering guilds. You need to use this four guides to create two types of materials and craft goods. I recommend you can pick the soul wardens which can bring transformation stones. They are important items, almost all players need them. You can use them for yourself or you can save money to purchase them. For craft guilds, I think you can choose the Merry Potters. From this process is the material transformation of the Association of stone crafts, so you can make your own material to reduce the cost of the transformation of stone crafts. This will increase your profits. In addition, Merry Potter “Crafts are another high – level body to sell good players before a lower – level players in pursuit Windstride, you can sell the transformation of stone. ”

3. Auction House

Auction house is another way to get gold for blade and soul. It tends to be the least productive one. Try to take advantage of supply and demand. If you can find a rare item, and then sold it a good profit, this might be a good use of your time, once you’ve exhausted the good daily dungeon, you have your work orders guild. When you get gold from auction house, you can find it is now easy to make sure which items can get a good price. What you need to do is find an important item with high demand and low supply. It is also subject to change as people learn about profitable items and patches alter the game.

In any case, you really need a lot of gold at the end of the game. When you understand how the drafting is clear, you need to buy some ingredients to make your upgrade. Picking a good guild will help you, because you will save some big acquisition cost of materials, but still there will be some costs. Once you get closer, then reached the level cap, in fact, a lot of time to make gold, this guide lays out exactly how to do it. Start a newspaper in some craft work, then try to get some useful decreased sales and any time remaining.

4. Choose A Reliable Website

The last way to get gold is choose a reliable website. Well, our website is strongly recommended by many players. We provide the cheapest blade and soul gold, and it is worth a try. Good luck!

Three Recommendations for Level 50 PvE Soul Shield in Blade and Soul

Soul Shields are sets of 8 fragments which serve as the main source of attributes to a character. Additional attributes can be gained from Soul Shields when equipping multiple fragments of a same set. These bonus attributes are gained when a set of 3, 5 or 8 fragments is equipped. One can gain bonus attributes from different sets in this way. Soul Shield fragments can be fused with lesser quality ones, upgrading a specific attribute on the original and sacrificing the lesser quality one.

Soul Shields, like items, range in quality from Normal to Paragon. And here I’d like to give you three recommendations for the level 50 PvE soul shield in blade and soul.


Recommendation 1:

The Scorpio Soul Shield is easy to obtain, but it requires luck. It is a little harder to play the dungeon The Awakened Necropolis.

The PvE Soul Shield set has high health points and is a good choice for players who are relatively weak in dungeons.


Recommendation 2:

It is a combination of Yeti Soul Shield and Scorpio Soul Shield and focuses on the health points. The Accuracy is essential. For the Humanoid monster boss, the control ability miss can be fatal. If a Destroyer’s Accuracy is less than 95%, then it is likely the key control ability will miss and get the group wiped out.


Recommendation 3:

To obtain Yeti Soul Shield, you are going to play the 6 – men Avalanche Den dungeon which is a relatively easy dungeon. The boss of Avalanche Den will drop Yeti Soul Shield. Sometimes, there will be a hidden boss after the boss is killed, and you need to kill this hidden one to get Yeti Soul Shield. In addition, you also have a chance of getting Yeti Soul Shield in the daily quest box with Avalanche Den boss. However, it requires a little bit of luck.

The Soul Shield is the main crit, and each piece has a relatively high crit property. It is also worth mentioning that the maximum value of the synthesis of this gossip is quite substantial. When it comes to PvE, the crit is the most important.

Ogong’s Folly Guide in Blade and Soul Silverfrost Mountains


One of the five expert dungeons, The Ogong’s Folly is located in Silverfrost Mountains – Primeval Frost. And you can get access to the dungeon via Dungeon Lobby.The dungeon’s last boss is Ape King Ogong that can recover health fast and has high defense. The boss does not change skills a lot and does not summon mobs.

When you enter the dungeon, you will find two NPCs fighting against the mobs. After the mobs are killed, you can move on following the NPC until you see the first small boss which is easy to deal with. You can grab the boss or knock it down. When the health points drop to 80%, the door on the left will open. When the health points drop to 40%, the door on the right will open. After the small boss dies, the door in the middle will open. The two batches of mobs have three remote and three melee ones. The mobs in the boss’ room will be killed together.

You will later meet boss Ape King Ogong. The attacks include hitting the floor and strike. The main tank is supposed to hold aggro while the remote fighter release DPS output towards the boss.

Last Boss Ape King Ogong’s Skills

1. Swing can cause 4500 damage, which can be blocked.
2. Swing downwards can cause 5000 damage and known the target down. The attack can be blocked.
3. Lightning can cause 4000 damage and dizziness. It cannot be blocked, but you can use QESS to dodge.
4. Stab can cause 3000 damage and repel, which can be blocked.
5. Hack can cause 4000 and dizziness which can be blocked.

Fast Way to Hit Level 50 in Blade and Soul


It has been quite a while since Blade and Soul released Silverfrost Mountains, and the new level progress has brought players amazing gaming experience. You have a broad range of content about the level 50. During level 45 – 50, you need to complete the main quest to upgrade level fast and we need to complete lots of side quests to earn XP and BNS Gold. Now, the following come to aims at share Blade and Soul guide to help you how quickly to upgrade level 50 & Hongmoon level 10.

Way to Gain XP in Blade & Soul Silverfrost Mountains

1. To complete Main Quest can gain lots of XP, the most you can reach is about 50,000 XP. That is considerable!

2. We have to complete some side quest so that we can get daily quest.

3. The reward for Daily Quest is not attractive, but it is difficult. The only good thing is that can offer sufficient blade and soul gold and materials.

4. Although the XP for killing wild monster is reasonable, they are dispersed around Silverfrost Mountains with high attacking damage.

In generally, the best way to upgrade fast to level 50 is completing main quest, then back to city to complete side quest and daily quest. Well, if you not only want to level fast, but also you want to earn lots of BNS Gold and items, to complete side quest and daily quest together. Of course, the dungeons Avalanche Den, Lair of the Frozen Fang, Awakened Necropolis are routine. You can collect the necessary bns items for progressing weapons.

Tips to Combat With the Tainted Lab in Blade and Soul

the Tainted Lab-in-Blade-and-Soul

In Blade & Soul new released Silverfrost Mountains, the Tainted Lab is the first expert dungeons that you will meet. You will get pretty good drops. And you can also obtain the necessary weapon upgrade about the Silverfrost Mountains here. In addition, a purple Soul Shield can be collected here, too.

As long as you have certain skills, the Tainted Lab is not a problem to hinder you forward. It has a low requirement on class and equipment actually. The dungeon is located on Skypetal Plains. You can also have access to this dungeon in the inn in Lumang Syndicate.

There will be batches of mobs, and you need to kill them gradually. The mobs can cause relatively high damage. Please take it easy and do not deal with multiple mobs at one time. After the mobs are killed, the combat will be triggered.

Tip 1
There will be large fighting equipment and multiple small fighting equipments when you deal with the first batch of mobs. It is not difficult, but you should avoid the damage. After the health points reduced to 50%, a few small fighting equipments will be activated. AOE will be used in the battle.

Tip 2
There will be four batches of powerful mobs. You should take full advantage of NPC and get the mobs gathered so as to kill them easier.

Before each batch of mobs, the NPC will summon six dolls who will drop attack equipment after being killed. Your main goal is to get the spray gun dropped by the silver doll. After you get the spray gun, you should quickly return and wait for the refreshed mobs and use the NPC to gather them.

Tip 3 on the Last Boss Profane Jiangshi

It is not very hard to kill the Profane Jiangshi. It will be easy with the help of NPC. Please use the dodge skill. During the battle, there will be equipments that will keep disturb you. There are two kinds of such equipments.

1. The first type is similar to Bloodshade Harbor second Boss Blood Mane. After the equipments are activated, you can block them.

2. The second one is Tornado AOE large equipment that can’t move. After being refreshed, there will be a cleared area. You can move to this area and kill the boss there. Please pay attention to the boss’ swoop skill.

Guides to Farm Soulstone Fast


Soulstone is a core warlock ability learned at level 18. It creates a Soulstone that stores the targeted player’s soul (or the warlock), allowing that player to resurrect. If the spell is cast on a dead player, that player is instantly resurrected.

But a warlock may only soulstone one target at a time. And the conjured soulstone is soulbound and unique. If the stored player dies, they will be offered the opportunity to reincarnate on the spot, or to be released as a ghost in the normal way. Then I’d like to share the fast ways to farm soulstone as follows:

1. In the central mining field of Silverfrost Mountains Soulstone Plains, Mining Engineer will be refreshed every half an hour. The opponent can go kill the other’s Engineer.

2. The party that kills the other’s Engineer first can occupy the mining machine of both sides. The mission of guarding the mining machine will open.

3. The party that guards the mining machine can kill the refreshed monster beside mining machine to get lots of essence. At the same time, there will be Lingshi mine which can bring Lingshi after being collected.

4. During the period of guarding mining machine, NPC and opponents will attack. The player who guards the mining machine can kill to get essence. With the NPC beside the mining machine, you can exchange rewards.

5. The player who offers mining machine can kill NPC to get essence and finish the mission of guarding mining machine.

6. Guarding mining machine lasts for 30 minutes. After successfully guard for three times, the battle will open. The party that wins defends, and the party that loses attacks.

In addition, the Soulstone Plains is the main source of Soulstones and Moonstones which are used to upgrade your weapons and accessories. You earn Prestige for killing both enemy players and NPCs, and you can trade Prestige for Faction Contribution Points, buffs for the battle itself, and Soulstone Pouches. There are also a large amount of dailies available from this area that award Soulstones, gold, experience, and Faction Contribution Points.

When the Silverfrost Mountains expansion releases, and once you hit level 50, you’ll want to make the Soulstone Plains a regular part of your adventures.