Some Blade And Soul Leveling Tips


1. Side quests come with unique rewards such as soul shields that help you gain strength and lets you gain indirectly by becoming more experienced and therefore more capable of progressing. You will find, however, that some daily quests will demand way too much time and resources. You don’t have to pursue these quests. They are side quests for a reason and that is mainly because they are not essential to your progression in the main quests and doing them sparingly might be best sometimes. You should not avoid them completely but if you find yourself at a standstill because of them, by all means go back to the main quests.

2. Gear up wisely. That is, get things you will have actual use for such as the right weapons and be stacked with ample bns gold for your inventory. Bid on things that are necessary and upgrade weapons and accessories when they are most called for such as when your damage and statistics are showing signs of decline. Improving your arsenal of weapons and materials is the best way to stray a bit off the main or yellow quests, and fetch some out-of-the-way rewards. As long as you do not repeat daily quests needlessly, you should be on your way to faster level up.

3. Spend some time grinding on mobs. By its nature, grinding is a way to stay within the same level and is characterized by repetitive actions. But grinding every once in a while lets you gain experience which you can not get from just questing. To grind efficiently, consider getting Dragon Soup items. Using a Destroyer class, for instance, gives you great defense and tremendous strength, both definite advantages when grinding mobs which can further help in your progression. It is best to grind on levels 10-15.

4. Be social. Get other players to join you within the same quest area. Working within a team from is not always a guarantee of faster leveling but in some areas, it is quicker to level up when functioning within a team setting.

5. Have the right character build. Leveling up will also depend on these two factors: the character class’ AoE damage and its defensive strength. You wouldn’t expect to move ahead with a poorly equipped and built character.

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Getting to level 45 or higher will never be far away from your reach if you stay on the right path, have the right materials, and pick your quests wisely. You may start slow at first (levels 1-10) and then speed through the next few levels onwards. This is how you learn tricks anyway and not by jumping from one level to the next without trying to get a feel for what each missed level has to offer.