archeage 2.0

ArcheAge Gold Guide for New Players

Is it worth for new players to start now? Is it possible to catch up?

My perspective on things:

  • All you need is $15 a month for patron, Honestly.
  • I used to spend most of my gold a month just for patron, Now I wish I would have just been paying for it with IRL money.
  • Getting patron on your main account will let you generate more gold for your gear.
  • OR you can pay for your patron on your main with IRL money, And use the gold you gained to make a secondary patron account with in ArcheAge gold. (Which is what I did)

Now you may think, Why would you have two patron accounts? Well my friend, That’s double the labor! If this game didn’t have a labor system, Everyone would be rich. Making multiple patron accounts, Will kind of give you this effect. Which gives you an advantage over people with one patron account.

  • Now that I have multiple patron accounts, All I do is craft armor. I open coinpurses, And do Radiant Archeum trees on my main. Get all the archeum I need for crafting, And farm the rest. I craft armor, And if it’s something I don’t need. I simply sell it. I’m making at least 50-60% profit every time.
  • I get at least 2 epheriums a week, Which pans out to around 5-6k a week OR 20-24k a month just on those epherium quality armor pieces. With all the Illustrious, And Magnificent armor pieces it’s quite a bit more, But never did the math.

Now just because I told you what I do for gold, Doesn’t mean you’re going to hop in and go ham on gold right off the bat. If I where you, I’d quest to get gold > Get the level 50 > Use those weapons and armor pieces to farm with friends in auroria (Probably the mobs outside of serpentis, They’re easy) > Then open coinpurses for archeum. It will take a while, But you can do this easier if you can get land in auroria, And do radiant archeum trees. Which give you different kinds of archeum after the tree grows, Which is 8 hours. I don’t have a job atm, So I was staying up for hours on end just doing these trees for archeum, Going to sleep, Then waking up to craft.

Just like any MMO this game is a GRIND, But by far my favorite game… The best I’ve ever played.

  • I made a brand new account to see how fast I could make gold, And make armor right off the bat. Here’s the outcome, And what happened.
  • I got to level 15, Bought patron with IRL money.
  • I went to rookborne, And started doing the Rookborne to Falcourth trade packs (Look this up on youtube, It’s risky, But profitable for a new player) 10g per pack.
  • I did this until I got a hauler, Which lets me do 7 packs in one run, Which is 70+gold every 10 minutes.
  • I then got a red hauler upgrade, And started bringing my alt account with me, So that’s an extra pack. Makes it 80+gold per run.
  • As I got a higher level, And started getting better gear, People started to kill me more often. So I decided to only do Aged Packs with the 16×16 land I got near the ramp in Rookborne. Instead of 10g per pack, I was getting 17g per pack. 17 * 8 = 136 gold per run, Instead of the previous 80. Only did these runs in the early morning, Around 4-5am when everyone is sleeping.
  • Lets do some math

Labor per month on each account. 10 labor per 5 minutes. Getting 120 labor per hour, 120 * 24 = 2880.
2880 * ~30 days = 86400 labor per month on EACH account.

It takes 70 labor to make the trade pack, And 70 to turn it in. So 140 labor for 10g.
86400 / 140 = ~617 * 10g = ~6171 gold * 2 (Two accounts) = ~12342 gold per month.


At a certain commerce proficiency, You’re only using 54 labor to craft, Then to turn in! SOOO..
It takes 54 labor to make the trade pack, And 54 to turn it in. So 108 labor for 10g.
86400 / 108 = 800 * 10g = 8000g * 2 (Two accounts) = 16000 gold per month!

  • So in the future you’re making 16000 gold per month, Just for spending your labor on trade packs. I have no life at the moment, So this is something I do simply as a hobby. Doing this will make you look like a P2W player in just about 3 months, IF you do it right.

It doesn’t stop here.

  • On this alt account, I used the gold to start crafting leather armor. I ONLY bought moonlight archeum, Dust, Shards, And crystals that seemed to be cheaper over the last few days. Which saved me a bit of gold.
  • Instead of farming for materials like I did on my main, Because i don’t have the same amounts of land and Alchemy proficiency. I just bought everything I needed when I seen them at a cheaper price.
  • My 1st craft was a Magnificent Desert Cap that I sold for 400g. Which was around a ~200g profit. It’s small, But it’s something.

My 2nd craft was a Illustrious Squall Jerkin that sold for 250g. Which was around a ~180-190g profit.
My 3rd craft was a Epherium Lightning Jerkin that sold for a whopping 2900g. Which was a ~2200+ g profit.

  • After this I was, Like on my main. Making around 1-2 epheriums a week AT LEAST. Each day, I was crafting ~10 armor pieces. Either way I was making profit, But the Epheriums make the big bucks! Even though I would sometimes only get 2 a week, That’s still 5-6k +.

This is how I found to make gold the best way, As a starter.
NOTE: I took a few shots of espresso, So I might have went over board on this post. This was originally a reply to someone that needed help, But it’s something I think most people should know about. I don’t think it would crash any market, Just because it’s something that’s there for everyone BUT isn’t written in bold on the front page. Lots of people have real life jobs so they can’t all do this, But if you have time and you like the game, You can 100% do this and make a profit!