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How to Level Fast in Blade & Soul

Blade and Soul NA is upcoming, we can experience the amazing online game on January 19, 2016. Well, many people have questions about Blade and Soul, such as how can we level up fast in Blade & Soul? Which class is best to level fast? This guide will be detailed on the overall game for newbie to understand the game and level up faster. All in all, Any experienced players can get the char to 45 within 2-days, that is about 20-30 hours in-game play. If you want to find the best Blade & Soul power leveling online, Just visit, we provide cheap bns power leveling from 0 to top, you can have a try.

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Blade & Soul Leveling Tips:

1. Stay with the main quest, don’t turn around for anything. If a daily quest takes too much time, just move on. DO NOT turn back to previous map unless its required by main quest. You have more than enough quest experience even if you skip all the dailies to gets you to cap.

2. Invite other players to a party that are in the same questing area. It is efficient to work as a team.

3. Bid on things you need, required to level up your weapons and jews.

4. Soul Shields. while you are leveling up use the one from the wheel of fate. there is one wheel of fate for each map region. They are more than enough to help you level up your chars. Besides, you have to grinding them for weapon upgrades any ways.

5. Right now do not get ready to do every single quest that is available. Unlike most MMOs you will 100% outlevel your zone by alot if you choose to do every quest. Remember, this is a guide to progress to max level asap. If you prefer to do 100% completion of quests then do so.

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Weapons and Gear Leveling:

When I first played Blade and Soul I didn’t understand about the weapons. Weapons in this game level with you all the way to 45. Your beginning weapon will be able to grow in ranks while leveling. Once you hit max rank you will need a crafting mat + a certain type of weapon for your class to “BREAKTHROUGH” meaning to upgrade your weapon again to become stronger. Each weapon upgrade comes from either a dungeon or the wheel. Down below is a detailed guide of how to level your weapon from starting zone to the end.