Some Blade And Soul Leveling Tips


1. Side quests come with unique rewards such as soul shields that help you gain strength and lets you gain indirectly by becoming more experienced and therefore more capable of progressing. You will find, however, that some daily quests will demand way too much time and resources. You don’t have to pursue these quests. They are side quests for a reason and that is mainly because they are not essential to your progression in the main quests and doing them sparingly might be best sometimes. You should not avoid them completely but if you find yourself at a standstill because of them, by all means go back to the main quests.

2. Gear up wisely. That is, get things you will have actual use for such as the right weapons and be stacked with ample bns gold for your inventory. Bid on things that are necessary and upgrade weapons and accessories when they are most called for such as when your damage and statistics are showing signs of decline. Improving your arsenal of weapons and materials is the best way to stray a bit off the main or yellow quests, and fetch some out-of-the-way rewards. As long as you do not repeat daily quests needlessly, you should be on your way to faster level up.

3. Spend some time grinding on mobs. By its nature, grinding is a way to stay within the same level and is characterized by repetitive actions. But grinding every once in a while lets you gain experience which you can not get from just questing. To grind efficiently, consider getting Dragon Soup items. Using a Destroyer class, for instance, gives you great defense and tremendous strength, both definite advantages when grinding mobs which can further help in your progression. It is best to grind on levels 10-15.

4. Be social. Get other players to join you within the same quest area. Working within a team from is not always a guarantee of faster leveling but in some areas, it is quicker to level up when functioning within a team setting.

5. Have the right character build. Leveling up will also depend on these two factors: the character class’ AoE damage and its defensive strength. You wouldn’t expect to move ahead with a poorly equipped and built character.

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Getting to level 45 or higher will never be far away from your reach if you stay on the right path, have the right materials, and pick your quests wisely. You may start slow at first (levels 1-10) and then speed through the next few levels onwards. This is how you learn tricks anyway and not by jumping from one level to the next without trying to get a feel for what each missed level has to offer.

Blade & Soul Minimum System Requirements and Clients Download

The Blade&Soul official site has been updated the launch guide to players get ready to roll when servers go live for Founders on January 15th and for the wider public the next week. In the previous article, we have shared the information of BNS NA/EU Servers Revealed on January. Today, we would introduce the Blade and Soul Minimum System Requirements and Clients download.

Blade & Soul (beta) Minimum Requirements

CPU: Intel Dual core / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (32bit / 64bit)
Video Card: nVidia Geforce 8600GT/AMD Radeon HD4600 or better
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 15 GB

Blade & Soul (beta) Recommended Requirements

CPU: Intel Quad core / AMD Phenom II X4 or better
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (64bit)
Video Card: nVidia Geforce 8800GTX / AMD Radeon HD4850 or better
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 15 GB

Clients Download

If you’ve played in the Closed Beta it will be necessary to uninstall your client and download and install a new version. You can download and install the launch client for Blade & Soul right now, although the servers won’t be available outside of Name Reservation for Disciple and Master Founder’s Pack owners, or the Head Start period. Founders will also be able to reserve character names beginning Monday, January 11th and through January 15th. BNS Clients Download Here. If you need the help of BnS Gold, our store has prepared enough gold for you!

ArcheAge Gold Guide for New Players

Is it worth for new players to start now? Is it possible to catch up?

My perspective on things:

  • All you need is $15 a month for patron, Honestly.
  • I used to spend most of my gold a month just for patron, Now I wish I would have just been paying for it with IRL money.
  • Getting patron on your main account will let you generate more gold for your gear.
  • OR you can pay for your patron on your main with IRL money, And use the gold you gained to make a secondary patron account with in ArcheAge gold. (Which is what I did)

Now you may think, Why would you have two patron accounts? Well my friend, That’s double the labor! If this game didn’t have a labor system, Everyone would be rich. Making multiple patron accounts, Will kind of give you this effect. Which gives you an advantage over people with one patron account.

  • Now that I have multiple patron accounts, All I do is craft armor. I open coinpurses, And do Radiant Archeum trees on my main. Get all the archeum I need for crafting, And farm the rest. I craft armor, And if it’s something I don’t need. I simply sell it. I’m making at least 50-60% profit every time.
  • I get at least 2 epheriums a week, Which pans out to around 5-6k a week OR 20-24k a month just on those epherium quality armor pieces. With all the Illustrious, And Magnificent armor pieces it’s quite a bit more, But never did the math.

Now just because I told you what I do for gold, Doesn’t mean you’re going to hop in and go ham on gold right off the bat. If I where you, I’d quest to get gold > Get the level 50 > Use those weapons and armor pieces to farm with friends in auroria (Probably the mobs outside of serpentis, They’re easy) > Then open coinpurses for archeum. It will take a while, But you can do this easier if you can get land in auroria, And do radiant archeum trees. Which give you different kinds of archeum after the tree grows, Which is 8 hours. I don’t have a job atm, So I was staying up for hours on end just doing these trees for archeum, Going to sleep, Then waking up to craft.

Just like any MMO this game is a GRIND, But by far my favorite game… The best I’ve ever played.

  • I made a brand new account to see how fast I could make gold, And make armor right off the bat. Here’s the outcome, And what happened.
  • I got to level 15, Bought patron with IRL money.
  • I went to rookborne, And started doing the Rookborne to Falcourth trade packs (Look this up on youtube, It’s risky, But profitable for a new player) 10g per pack.
  • I did this until I got a hauler, Which lets me do 7 packs in one run, Which is 70+gold every 10 minutes.
  • I then got a red hauler upgrade, And started bringing my alt account with me, So that’s an extra pack. Makes it 80+gold per run.
  • As I got a higher level, And started getting better gear, People started to kill me more often. So I decided to only do Aged Packs with the 16×16 land I got near the ramp in Rookborne. Instead of 10g per pack, I was getting 17g per pack. 17 * 8 = 136 gold per run, Instead of the previous 80. Only did these runs in the early morning, Around 4-5am when everyone is sleeping.
  • Lets do some math

Labor per month on each account. 10 labor per 5 minutes. Getting 120 labor per hour, 120 * 24 = 2880.
2880 * ~30 days = 86400 labor per month on EACH account.

It takes 70 labor to make the trade pack, And 70 to turn it in. So 140 labor for 10g.
86400 / 140 = ~617 * 10g = ~6171 gold * 2 (Two accounts) = ~12342 gold per month.


At a certain commerce proficiency, You’re only using 54 labor to craft, Then to turn in! SOOO..
It takes 54 labor to make the trade pack, And 54 to turn it in. So 108 labor for 10g.
86400 / 108 = 800 * 10g = 8000g * 2 (Two accounts) = 16000 gold per month!

  • So in the future you’re making 16000 gold per month, Just for spending your labor on trade packs. I have no life at the moment, So this is something I do simply as a hobby. Doing this will make you look like a P2W player in just about 3 months, IF you do it right.

It doesn’t stop here.

  • On this alt account, I used the gold to start crafting leather armor. I ONLY bought moonlight archeum, Dust, Shards, And crystals that seemed to be cheaper over the last few days. Which saved me a bit of gold.
  • Instead of farming for materials like I did on my main, Because i don’t have the same amounts of land and Alchemy proficiency. I just bought everything I needed when I seen them at a cheaper price.
  • My 1st craft was a Magnificent Desert Cap that I sold for 400g. Which was around a ~200g profit. It’s small, But it’s something.

My 2nd craft was a Illustrious Squall Jerkin that sold for 250g. Which was around a ~180-190g profit.
My 3rd craft was a Epherium Lightning Jerkin that sold for a whopping 2900g. Which was a ~2200+ g profit.

  • After this I was, Like on my main. Making around 1-2 epheriums a week AT LEAST. Each day, I was crafting ~10 armor pieces. Either way I was making profit, But the Epheriums make the big bucks! Even though I would sometimes only get 2 a week, That’s still 5-6k +.

This is how I found to make gold the best way, As a starter.
NOTE: I took a few shots of espresso, So I might have went over board on this post. This was originally a reply to someone that needed help, But it’s something I think most people should know about. I don’t think it would crash any market, Just because it’s something that’s there for everyone BUT isn’t written in bold on the front page. Lots of people have real life jobs so they can’t all do this, But if you have time and you like the game, You can 100% do this and make a profit!

Time To Get Ready for Blade & Soul’s Western Launch

It’s nearly time. Blade & Soul will be launching in North America and Europe on January 19th at 12:01am EST. Naturally, publisher NCSoft West wants to make sure you’re ready to jump in once you’re able to.

First off, the publisher has revealed that it’ll be launching with additional servers, as revealed below, and recommends that you plan ahead with friends and clan mates before heading in.

blade soul servers

Secondly, if you’ve been playing the beta versions of Blade & Soul, you’ll want to uninstall that client and download the new one once it’s available on this page. You won’t be able to play with the older client used for the beta.

Also revealed is that there will be new hairstyles, hair colors, facial customization options, and additional skintones available in the launch client – there’s a preview in the image below.

blade soul screenshot

And, as a reminder to Disciple and Master Founder’s Pack owners, you’ll be able to reserve your names starting January 11th at 6pm PST for the North American servers, and 7pm CET for European servers.

“Names are unique within each region—it’s possible for the same name to exist once in NA and once in EU, regardless of server,” explains NCSoft West. “It will be required to log in at the Name Reservation period using the launch client (linked above), and you will be able to create one (Disciple) or two (Master) characters, choose their server, and reserve their names.”

Oh, and finally, Founder’s Pack owners will be able to start playing Blade & Soul a full three days before the wider launch. You’ll be able to get access from January 15th at 10am PST / 7pm CET in both the North American and European servers.

How to Level Fast in Blade & Soul

Blade and Soul NA is upcoming, we can experience the amazing online game on January 19, 2016. Well, many people have questions about Blade and Soul, such as how can we level up fast in Blade & Soul? Which class is best to level fast? This guide will be detailed on the overall game for newbie to understand the game and level up faster. All in all, Any experienced players can get the char to 45 within 2-days, that is about 20-30 hours in-game play. If you want to find the best Blade & Soul power leveling online, Just visit, we provide cheap bns power leveling from 0 to top, you can have a try.

bns map

Blade & Soul Leveling Tips:

1. Stay with the main quest, don’t turn around for anything. If a daily quest takes too much time, just move on. DO NOT turn back to previous map unless its required by main quest. You have more than enough quest experience even if you skip all the dailies to gets you to cap.

2. Invite other players to a party that are in the same questing area. It is efficient to work as a team.

3. Bid on things you need, required to level up your weapons and jews.

4. Soul Shields. while you are leveling up use the one from the wheel of fate. there is one wheel of fate for each map region. They are more than enough to help you level up your chars. Besides, you have to grinding them for weapon upgrades any ways.

5. Right now do not get ready to do every single quest that is available. Unlike most MMOs you will 100% outlevel your zone by alot if you choose to do every quest. Remember, this is a guide to progress to max level asap. If you prefer to do 100% completion of quests then do so.

bns items

Weapons and Gear Leveling:

When I first played Blade and Soul I didn’t understand about the weapons. Weapons in this game level with you all the way to 45. Your beginning weapon will be able to grow in ranks while leveling. Once you hit max rank you will need a crafting mat + a certain type of weapon for your class to “BREAKTHROUGH” meaning to upgrade your weapon again to become stronger. Each weapon upgrade comes from either a dungeon or the wheel. Down below is a detailed guide of how to level your weapon from starting zone to the end.