Server Transfers & Merges Coming Soon to Archeage

Just a reminder that sign-ups for server transfers are just around the corner for Trion’s free-to-play fantasy MMO, Archeage. For those of you playing on the following servers, you’ll need to decide what course of action you’ll want to take by August 25th. You’ll have three choices: to participate in the server merge as is, to transfer your characters to a higher population server or decide to reroll a new character onto a fresh server.

Affected Servers

North America

  • Naima and Enla will be merged to form Kraken.
  • Inoch and Calleil will be merged to form Hanure.
  • Ezi and Lucius will be merged to form Nazar.


  • Aier and Orchidna will be merged to form Anthalon.
  • Melisara and Nebe will be merged to form Sirothe.
  • Nui and Janudar will be merged to form Leviathan.

While the entire transfer and merge schedule is still tentative, Trion has posted their current plan for the upcoming months:

August 25: Server Transfer Signups begin (Evolution-affected players only.)

September 4: Server Transfer Signups end. No further transfer requests will be taken after this date. All characters on affected servers must be locked in at this point, or they will be involved in the server merge.

September 8: All transfers will be processed at this time. It is currently our plan to take the game offline at some point during this day as we process all of these transfers (in order to ensure they operate smoothly). These plans are still subject to change.

Mid-September: ArcheAge North America & Europe will be taken offline to begin the server Evolution and Auction House cluster changes. This work will take approximately 2 days to complete. At this time all servers will have their character cap raised from 4 to 6. XLGAMES developers and the Trion ArcheAge team will be gathered together in Austin, TX to oversee the work.

For more information about the process, including requirements for all three choices and an extensive FAQ, you can visit the official site for Archeage. Don’t forget to check out our own Archeage wiki over at Gamepedia while you’re playing! And if you’re one of those amazing people that love to give back to your gaming community, we’re always looking for those to help contribute information to the wiki!