Worldgates / Hereafter Stone Teleporting Removal

Hello everyone! I have no idea if they actually read our posts here or not as I’m new the community but I figured it was worth a shot!

Also if this has been brought up before sorry!

So I’ve been playing now for about 2 and a half weeks. In that time I like to think I’ve had moderate success. IE: I have a 16×16 in a prime location in Two Crowns for trade routes, and extra 8×8 for staging, I’ve leveled to 51(almost 52) and have all but 3 skill sets at 50+. I also have OK profession leveling but that is understandably low with only 1 above 10k but a few nearing 10k and beyond every day. I’ve also managed to make a cumulative 900 gold give or take 100 though I’m currently low but that is a different story.

Also please note I am on the high pop server Kyrios – Western – Not a pirate in fact I haven’t even committed a crime yet(wimp I know), so I’m not just whining because I want easy pirating.

The reason I put all this is not to stroke my e-peen or brag, I don’t actually think what I’ve accomplished is remarkable in any manner. It just serves to show I have experienced a decent amount of the game thus far.

Now we all see people complain all the time “This is broken” “That is broken” “trion doesn’t care” “waaaaa” I think it’s all non-sense for the most part.


The thing is there is one thing that whenever I’ve brought it up I had most players agree, and that is Worldgates and Teleporting with Hereafter Stones ruins the experience of the game.

We have a world with nice sized oceans,bays,gulfs, sounds, unmarked islands, and separate continents, but you rarely see people. Sure there those leveling and you see carts frequently but by sea you’d assume you’re alone in the world. I’ve been playing MMORPGs now for 14 years since I was a kid in high school and one of the best things about an MMORPG is the fact that when you go out and do something you never know who or what you’ll run into, friendly, not so friendly, or just plain weird. All of those making the game more interesting and fun. Those interactions are completely missing from the oceans of this game, oceans that should be filled with different ships loaded with players all headed to their destinations for questing/fishing/raiding/pirating whatever it is. Sadly the seas are empty and the few and far between ships lack crews. All of this really leaves a hole in the game that should be filled with dynamic player encounters on the open sea!

So please severely limit and or remove Worldgates and Teleportation, allow us to sail completely around the continents to reach locations and force the players back onto the open sea! This isn’t WoW or some other game where the location of the content matters and not the trip getting there!

TL;DR Worldgates and Teleportation severely limit player interaction and content. Remove/severely limit use of Worldgates/Teleportation to make the game more fun and interesting by forcing players to travel by boat and mount to get places!