Conquest of Auroria will open at November 14

The Trion has announced a new continent – The Conquest of Auroria will open at November 14 before the release of patch 1.7!

Auroria, is the northern continent in ArcheAge map, called “The Promised Land” with LV50 elites as well as places for housing, farms, mining, etc. Auroria is also a permant PVP zone with no peace periods, you can find combat anywhere on continent at any time no matter which faction you are. The escalation of tax rates based on the number of properties owned works much the same as the Southern continents, except that the tax rate in Auroria incurs an additional discretionary premium of between 2% to 50% set by the occupying guild.

There are 4 New Zones to Grab Land for housing and farms on Auroria, please grab land the first time.

Calmlands -Temperate and Arid
Heedmar – Temperate and Arctic
Nuimari – Temperate and Arctic
Marcala – Temperate and Arid


So, 14 things you should know about the Conquest of Auroria.

1. A guild/alliance will need a miner at 50K proficiency in order to mine Anya pebbles from Anya veins (only found in Auroria) and a smelter at 20k proficiency to craft 100 Anya ingots and combine it with 50 Blood Archeum (40G each) to create a Purifying Archeum pack, which is used to activate a guard tower in an area, effectively claiming it for the guild.

2. The queues are improving, and Trion’s being cautious about adding new servers due to ArcheAge’s population needs.

3. The factions on each server are being kept close watch on as far as population balances go (since they can be turned off to help encourage natural re-balance).

4. Auroria will be released before Patch 1.7. Trion’s looking to release the zone within the next couple of weeks – not months. They will announce the exact date ASAP since this allows guilds/players to prepare to storm the castle so to speak. The release time will be region-specific.

5. Patch 1.7 is currently being translated. No ETA.

6. Players who are currently without land or would like a better plot may find that the opening of Auroria frees up quite a bit of land as well as offers them 4 new zones to grab land from.

7. Dahuta – a 10-man open world raid– isn’t in the game currently due to Trion wanting folks to be on a level playing ground when it opens up. It’ll likely come out with either Patch 2.7 or when Auroria launches.

8. Serpentis, an end-game dungeon intended for 10 players, debuts with the launch of Auroria – though only the strongest and bravest adventurers should seek to enter its dreaded halls!

9. Diamond Shores will come with level 55, later down the road.

10. Fishing tournaments will be coming.

11. The Farm Wagon will be available for construction! A double upgrade over the Farm Cart, this vehicle can hold a total of four trade packs for maximum trade route efficiency.

12. The Steamfish Submarine will swim into availability. Build your own and dive into a new era of stylish underwater exploration!

13. New elite enemies and field bosses will emerge from their lairs to challenge intrepid souls hungry for great rewards.

14. Fixes to trade run teleport hacks/exploits will be coming. Trion is aware of players using a hack/mod to access content not in the game yet. They’re working on a fix to stop players from doing this.

Don’t Require Any Labor Points to Making ArcheAge Gold Fast

Now there are some ways you do not require any labor points to making ArcheAge gold fast.

Gilda Star Daily

A large of Gilda Stars you can get though do the Gilda Star dailies and trade run, you can use to buy expensive ships and housing patterns, then sell these with a nice gold in AH or trade channel.

Trade Run
Simply bring a Trade Pack across the pond to Haranya or to Freedich Isle in the middle of the ocean.
Solis Headlands: 1 Gilda Star
Villanelle: 1 Gilda Star
Ynystere: 2 Gilda Stars
Freedich Isle: 4 Gilda Stars

Dailies to get the Gilda Stars and rest at 8pm EST.

Priestess of Nui (LV10 – LV30, each quest get 1 Gilda Star)
1. The Goddess of Nui (LV10- LV15)
2. The Hereafter’s Energy (LV16 – LV20)
3. Gifts for the Goddess (LV21 – LV25)
4. A Lily Offering (LV26 – LV30)

Blue Sale Brotherhood (LV31+, replace the Priestess of Nui daily quest and no longer accessible, each quest get 1 Gilda Star)
1. A Rare Perfume
2. Guerrilla Marketing
3. Raising a Wild Horse
4. Roadsend in Danger

Farmer’s Workstation (each quest get 1 Gilda Star)
Farmer’s workstation is crafted using your Small Scarecrow Design, 30 Lumber and VIscous Glossy Oil.

Menteeing / Mentoring
Menteeing quests get 1 Gilda Star, Mentoring quests get 3 Gilda Stars.
Sharpwind Mines
Kill Okape With a Mentor (LV19 – LV29)
Kill Okape with a Mentee (LV30+)

Burnt Castle Armory
Kill Hleronimus With a Mentor (LV31 – LV39)
Kill Hleronimus With a Mentee (LV40+)


Each PVP activities can get honor, which can use to buy many things, such as the popular item is Lunastones, which not bound to your character, so you can trade it in AH to get Gold fast. There are many best Lunastones you can get to sell along with their honor price.

Fast Making ArcheAge Gold By Planting Potatoes

There are many plants you can plant in ArcheAge online game, crops, trees and flowers can be grown by you as part of Logging, Farming and Gathering. And you can also sell them to make ArcheAge gold fast in the game. There are two popular crops you can plant in any climate: Cucumber and Potato, while potatoes are one of the most favorite food and the supply and demand is very large in AH.

AA Potato

Potato Growth Time

10 mins (water 9m)

10 items of Potato + 1 Blue Salt Knife + 5 Labor Points = 11 chunks of Chopped Produce

Fee Calculation
Note: taking a server’s the day price calculations, the price often fluctuating.

Potato Eyes * 100 cost 25 Sliver

Potato * 300(Expectations, will not a big change in fact. 100 harvest cost 100 Labor Points)

Sell Potato (300), 1 sliver 09 copper * 300 = 3 gold 27 sliver 00 copper (other cost: Taxes 10% 32 silver 70 copper)


Sell Chopped Produce (330), 1 sliver 41 copper * 330 = 4 gold 65 sliver 30 copper (other cost: Taxes 10% 46 sliver 53 copper + 26 blue salt knife 13 sliver + 150 labor points)

OK, if you sell the Potato directly, can earn 2 gold 95 sliver 30 copper, and if you sell the chopped produce, earn 4 gold 05 sliver 77 copper.

1. Does not require a private farm or farmland, just find the open ground with nobody to plant, spend very little time, harvesting time is very short, planting 100 potato eyes about 5 mins if you plant speed fast.
2. Chopped Produce is one of the main material in many specialty products, big demand.

1. There are many players sell potatoes in market, the supply is also great.
2. Only as earn pocket money, if you want to make big money, that only trade run.