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ArcheAge is a fantasy MMORPG developed by XLGAMES. Using the technology of CryEngine2, The Korean game company brought many new features to this game. Developers of ArcheAge have done every possibility of removing the restriction of current MMO games, aiming to create a more free and personalized world for all players. The game has been introduced into Japan and China, and will soon be seen in western countries.

Lots of new features have been brought into ArcheAge. The class of character in ArcheAge is not settled by XLGAMES. There are 10 abilities for your choice. Choose 3 of them and you can have your own class. This make a possibility of totally 120 classes in the game. Besides, player can create a country of himself, and build a house, too. Multiple difference will be revealed on the day ArcheAge released. Just wait and be prepared.

CASH SHOP – Opinion on what needs to be removed or changed

Just to start, I think any game that has a subscription fee should not have anything in a cash shop other than cosmetic things and a free to play game the door can be wide open for anything to be there. Archeage is a combination of the two, which makes balancing this stuff a pain.

First, the stuff in the cash shop that bothers me a lot

Expansion Scroll (increase inventory slots)
Why was this change from gold to a cash shop item? As a monthly paying customer I do not want to be nickel and dimed for core game features. This needs to be reverted back to a gold purchasable item or moved to the loyalty shop.

Spacious Storage Chest (chest that holds 50 items that can be placed in a house)
Why was this removed from Handicrafts and placed in the cash shop (answer: money grab). This chest, which holds 50 items, needs to be either removed from the cash shop or added back as a handicraft craftable item or a loyalty item.

Wagon Upgrade Ticket (upgrade wagon to hold more trade packs)
This is by definition a pay to win item. These upgrade tickets upgrade the base wagon to hold more slots. As far as I know you can’t obtain this upgraded wagon any other way other than the cash shop. Either a way needs to be added to the game where you can obtain this item, or it needs to be removed from the cash shop.

Building Appraisal (Allow the selling of land)
Why in the world is an item that can ONLY be used by paying customers in the cash shop and not obtainable any way else? This item needs to be removed from the cash shop entirely and added to the core game mechanics.

Stuff that mildly irritates me

Worker’s Compensation (1000 labor)
In a game where labor is a core game mechanic, this item is questionable. It is definitely a pay to win item, but probably only at the start of new server. It gives a huge advantage to players who want to use them every 12 hours. Obviously at a minimum the ability to chug these need to have an account restriction. I think they should have a much larger cooldown, say 24 hours, or even once a week.

Flaming Pinion (30% burst speed for glider)
This doesn’t bother me too much although it does give a slight advantage to people. These items should be available in game as well.

Vocation Tonic (100% increase in vocation exp)
Another temporary pay to win item, doesn’t bother me too much, I won’t be buying them and I think they can be found in the Daru chests you can get with loyalty points.

Specialization Snowflake (used for increasing crafting limits)
This is basically a cash for gold item. These items are in game off a vendor for 200g. If they were dropped by mobs it would make me feel better, but the fact that they are only purchasable from an in game vendor bothers me.

Pet upgrade items (Thoroughbred upgrade etc)
This is basically a cash for gold item as well. These items are in game off a vendor for 500g. If they were dropped by mobs it would make me feel better, but the fact that they are only purchasable from an in game vendor bothers me a little.

Tax certificates – I’m torn on this one.
This is basically the equivalent of buying labor for cash. I think there should be a limit on the number of these you can purchase at any given time, and they should be removed from the cash shop during the headstart so people can’t land grab to such a huge extent.

Most of the other items are cosmetic and do not cause me any grief.

What do other folks think of the current status of the cash shop? I am an old gamer, so I probably have a completely different perspective than most of you.

ArcheAge: How to Get and Harvest Archeum Trees

A rare tree which can only be bought on Mirage Island. The tree only grows when it has been given a batch of Auroria Mineral Water. For every other batch of Auroria Mineral water given it will grow it’s fruit, which is Archeum shards/crystals. When cut down it drops Archeum Logs. There are steps to show you how to get Archeum Trees. For players, you can plant the trees.

AA Map

Plant Archeum Trees

Step1 Go to the Mirage Island where every player can buy special items or Gilda Stars. And you can buy Archeum tree seedlings. You spend about three Glida on a Archeum tree.
Step2 Go to buy water tickets. A ticket cost one Glida.
Step3 Go to different harbors of all continents and exchange water tickets with water. Then you need take the water to your home in ArcheAge by your agricultural vehicle.
Step4 Plant Archeum tree seedling and pour water (one). Generally, you have to water the three every three hours. Based on experience of some players, it is better to plant Archeum on the north continents than on southern continents. There are multiple BS spots 10 meters away from a mineral water vein on the north continent.

Note: You need one water to plant Arheum and one more water during it.

Harvest Archeum Trees

After ten hours, you can harvest Archeum Trees, which needs more water. You can get Dust, crystal or Shards from Archeum trees. If you first plant the three, you can harvest 1 to 3 Moonlight Dust every 8 hours.
If you plant 20 Archeum trees, you will gain: 20 trees ×2 average dust ×2 harvests per day= 80 dust per day
Additionally, if you just want to get wood, you chop it down, which only needs 1 water.

Pegasus Mount Preview in ArcheAge Online

As we all know, the huge Archeage World has lots of vehicle to help you finish quest fast and easy. The boat can bring you across the continent and make business, and the glider also can bring you fly in the sky. As for the mount would be the best for player in continent, which would you like best? Actually, besides the glider can bring you fly in the sky, the excellent Pegasus mount can do it either.

You can buy this Pegasus Mount in Archeage Store, is it amazing? You can fly as you wish, free and excellent. And the model of the horse is so cool, do you like it?This mount can be obtained by all races. Also it known as White Pegasus. You can obtain additional armor for your mount (shown on the mount interface screen). Armor can be obtained from stable NPC’s. crafting, drops and events.

10 Tips Fast to Know and Save Much Time to Farm ArcheAge Gold

OK, we know there are many shortcut functions hidden in ArcheAge online game, maybe you still do not know, especially for beginners. Now, there are 10 tips you can fast to know and save you much time to farm ArcheAge Gold.

AA 10 Tips

1. Hold down the left button of your mouse, you can adjust the viewing angle to in front of your character, especially you want to take pictures.

2. Press Ctrl +V, can switch the description of health bar on the top of role, mobs or NPC. Different mode with different sizes of health bar, maybe will lead to the Guild Name is hidden, so remember switch back at any time.

3. The raw materials of grated grain, concentrated fruit juice, fumigation herbs, etc can gathering grain, fruit, fungi, etc. Then with the blade you can buy it in Crafting Merchant for production directly.

4. When you equipped the Ally’s Wings, and then you received the trading quests, the goods will replace your Ally’s Wings. So do not forget re-equipped the wings after finish the trading quest. Another, you can check of double-click the spacebar to open the wings in the game set.

5. Can not move in the map, do not worry, using the escape skills you can find it in the game set.

6. Ctrl + F to open the PK model, attack the neutral player or NPC. Remember do not attack the ally or enemy players in the neutral zone, or you will be attacked by the guards.

7. If you want to planting, please remember different growth time with different climatic, some plants will lead to growth time becomes longer or shorter, and the times of harvest becomes more or less.

8. Reduce 1/3 maturation time if you watering the plants or feeding domestic animals, but it is useless if the maturation time is less than 20 minutes.

9. Action expressions of your character are hidden in the skill bar.

10. If you want to ride with your friends or lover, please walk beside his/her mount and press “H“.

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ArcheAge Minimum System Requirements

What are the minimum system requirements for ArcheAge?

AA Computer

Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or higher
Hard Disk: 30 GB (NTFS-formatted disk)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics card: Geforce 8000 series or higher, Radeon HD 4000 series or higher, with at least 512MB video memory
Operating system: Vista SP1, Win7 SP1

If your system just meets or barely exceeds the minimum requirements, then it is possible that your video settings within the game may be set too high. You may want to lower your in-game video settings. Have Fun., not only you can get the useful ArcheAge Guide from here, but also you would enjoy our the best 24/7 customer service for ArcheAge.

10 Things you have to know in ArcheAge

The third Closed Beta Event will begin at 10:00 AM PDT next Thursday, August 14 and run through Monday, August 18 at 10:00 AM PDT. Hopefully, it gets release soon so that we can all enjoy this wonderful game. Here are some tips for those interested with the game:

1. Know what you want to do in Archeage
There are many ways to enjoy ArcheAge! You can do the usual routine of hunting monsters, the exciting path of hunting of other players, or even taking it easy by focusing on building your own house and garden. Not content with just fixing your own home? Then be a lord of a castle commanding over numerous homesteads and protect your local populace. Know what type of character you want to be and you will be able to fully enjoy the endless possibilities of this game. As of the writing of this article, I have not yet tested the PvP and house building options so I might get back to that soon!

2. Selecting your capability considering the ‘linked effect’
In order to come up with your final job, you have to pick 3 out of the 10 possible capabilities. Upon character creation, you get to choose 1 with an additional at levels 5 and 10. I suggest picking a combat based capability first such as fight, wild nature, magic, or mission. Other abilities like love, witchcraft, and will are more of accessory traits and can be picked up later.
Don’t worry if you made a mistake with the capability you picked. You can talk to an NPC in the village and pay a specific amount to have it changed. It’s better to have it changed as soon as possible since your capabilities level up too! It would be an annoyance to start again from level 1 if you already have a level 10 ability. Also, remember that your capabilities are linked and can affect each other. For instance, Mission works well with Fight or Wild nature while Magic is harmonious with Death or Witchcraft. Find your own mix and see what works for you.

3. Select equipment regardless of your job
Unlike the conventional role playing games that impose strict restrictions on armor classes, ArcheAge doesn’t follow that format. Warriors need not wear strong metal plated armor and wizards need not keep using robes. Dress yourself according to the function you wish to fulfill. For example, I use a Wizard class while wearing somewhat heavy armor to minimize the damage from the monsters I hunt. This can also go the other way with me choosing leather to increase magic resistance. This makes the game a better simulation because I believe that mages do not ALWAYS use light armor. It’s my own preference and that is something that you can apply too when you play this game!

4. Save colored / special equipment
As with most MMO games, monsters and quests give you both valuable and junk equipment. You can distinguish such by the way their names are colored. These can be highlighted with green or other colors depending on their rarity. Be sure to save some of these items even if you don’t plan on wearing them later on. You see, you can get an archium material through a sort of disassembly process. This material is needed to make luxury equipment later on. So be sure to save them. Sell the other items you don’t need to ensure that you get some cash inflow for your character. I snagged some green level robes from a monster hunt but I don’t think I’ll be wearing them anytime soon since I’ll put it through disassembly later on. Gotta learn how to do so first.

5. Acquire resources quickly and use labor points aggressively
The game has a labor component that is used as the primary option for accumulating resources. By expending labor points, you acquire resources from trees, ores, and other places. Labor is then recovered at a rate of roughly 1 per minute, For instance, if you see an ore patch or tree while roaming the map, just collect from them. It’s similar to that in Skyrim where you get to chop logs and get ore from mines. Also, logs and ore are important minerals that can be traded and used later on.
At level 1, you have 1000 labor points. Cutting a tree down gives xp too, so fighting monsters isn’t the only way to level up. It regenerates even when you are logged out of the game, I believe. That’s even more reason why not to skimp on using it.

6. Take your pet and always train it
In this game you get pets which can be used for movement purposes (mount) and combat. Depending on your pet and how you raise it, you get to learn and assign skills as it too levels up. Be sure you always have your pets with you so that they too gain experience and level up. I’ve heard that you can use them for battle but I’m not sure if this means they aid you in monster hunting or if you get to use them Pokemon style. Take note that while you can use your mount to attack, it is significantly weaker than your battle pet. You get pets at different quests. So far, I only use a basic mount and have no battle pet.

7. Aim to exceed quest requirements for bonuses
Quests require you to turn in some items obtained from monster drops or based on the number of monsters killed. Once you speak to an NPC, he will mark the quest as done and give you the appropriate rewards. You will then be compensated for your efforts. However, it might seem like a paltry sum compared to the amount of travelling and hunting you have done. There is a way around this though. Give around 150% of the requirements and you can enjoy higher returns on your questing. I suggest doing this since you travelled far to kill monsters anyway. Might as well get an extra feather, pelt, or two. Doing quests this way makes it faster to level up and will help in the long run.

8. Focus on quests for livelihood
In ArcheAge, the livelihood element is a big part in increasing your character’s strength. There is limit in training a character by means of combat since you would need to take part in siege warfare or PvP. You must produce weapons for either defending or attacking a castle which means that emphasis should be put into production and manufacturing. As such, resources are needed and these can be obtained either by foraging in the world map or by tending your own farm. Foraging is limited since you will be competing against other players for scarce resources. Having your own farm means that you have a steady supply of materials at hand. The only downside is that players can invade your garden to either vandalize or steal your hard work. Make sure you take care of your home as it is one of the vital parts of leveling and gaining resources.

9. Visit a priest or sister after your character dies
After level 10, a penalty is applied every time you die. You lose some of your experience points when this happens. This is extremely annoying especially after spending time trying to level your character in the first place. To solve this, make sure you visit a temple and talk to the priest or sister there. You can recover up to 90% of the lost experience by using your labor points. This will be a definite lifesaver once you reach the higher levels and get killed aggressively by any PvP players.

10. Increase move speed when you can
Once you reach level 5, you gain access to abilities that can increase your speed. This ‘speed’ ability is like sprinting which drains your stamina while in use. You can use this skill repeatedly in order to travel from village to village. This is especially important for early players who do not have access to pets or mounts yet. While traveling, you may find tonics that restore stamina and help you continue on running. Make use of this skill as early as you can in order to get a lot of things done.

I hope it can help you. Have Fun.

Labor Points System in ArcheAge

Now, the second ArcheAge Closed Beta Event: Setting Sail has started, do you participate it with free code? And the CBE3 will come after CBE2 ends to August 4. Today, would share some information about Labor points you care. You know the Labor Points is the key of professions in ArcheAge game, such as farming, mining, crafting, fishing, feeding, planting, gathering and building the ships requires labor points. Each character has a certain number of labor points like an energy bar on the top of the experience bar. The labor point will increase with your character level.

Labor points regenerate automatically, the max labor point is 5000, 5 labor are restored every 5 mins, that means in a maximum of 1440 labor per day (except in a special restore way). What’s more, labor points will restore every 10 mins for 1 labor points even when you are off-line, and will become full after every update. Note, if you are a Non-premium player, 1 labor point is recovered 5 mins, maximum 288 points per day. And can not recover labor when they are offline.

Maybe you will feel too much labor points early, but you should know there are 21 professions in the ArcheAge game, every profession has its level, which is defined in points (0-50,000), so the more playing to the late (lv50), the more labor points required.

So how to use your labor points fully and reasonable, especially you are a beginner in the game. Now there is a good way – mining you can cost your labor points early, because the ore can be used very wide in the future, and these mining places are located in low level map, very suitable for beginners. There are two mining places you can choose.

Recommended 1, Western Robann Mine and Eastern Ronbann Mine in Lilyut Hill. A large of ore in the mine cave, it is very high efficiency you just mining along the mine cave.

AA Map 2

Recommended 2, Royster’s Camp. A large number of Iron ore scattered around the camp, dig a circle you will return with fruitful results.
Of course, if you are still trouble have not enough iron ore, hurry up to these two places to mining.

AA Map 1