ArcheAge Beta Guide: Buy Founder’s Packs

AA Beta

If you buy Founder’s Packs, you can get in to beta rest 4 days earlier, this is not fair to me.Early players will have good advantage.Those player will contorl the market, the economy and high level.

learn to play a new mmorpg is really hard for me.It may take a lot of time for me to understand how to play the game.I will teach you how to play archeage from character creation to User-Interface.

ArcheAge is till in alpha beta now.Ther are only 2 server now omega and Alpha test server.If you can not get into the alpha test.You can buy Founder’s Packs from the game company, it takes 150$.

150$ contain archeage gold and silver pack.

  • Alpha & Beta Access
  • 11,250 Credits ($75 Value)
  • 4-Day Patron Head Start
  • Title: “Trailblazer”
  • 90-Day Patron Status
  • 6 Daru Chests
  • 10 Evenstones
  • 10 Hereafter Stones

If you buy a Archeum Founder’s Pack,you can get in to the archeage alpha test instant

  • Bonus online Labor Point regeneration (10 per 5 minutes)
  • Offline Labor Point regeneration (5 per 5 minutes)
  • Increased maximum Labor Points cap (5000 maximum)
  • 10% bonus to all Experience gained through combat or labor usage
  • 10% discount on Marketplace purchases
  • 5 Loyalty Tokens per day for use in the Loyalty Store (awarded on first login of the day)
  • Ability to claim land by placing farms and houses
  • Ability to pay in-game taxes on owned property
  • Ability to post auctions on the Auction House by default

Not Spend a Dime in ArcheAge

AA 74

If you are not going to spend a dime in ArcheAge, this is what you can expect:

1) Joining in the fun of leveling, exploring, farming materials via killing monsters, pvping (leveling / world pvp, trade run ganking, arenas, naval combat, castle sieges).
2) Joining in the fun of becoming a pirate, killing pirates, running 5 man dungeons, running 10 man raids, killing the Kraken, manning galleons, killing world bosses, being on the jury in the trial system.
3) You can still use farms/houses if others in your family or guild give you access to theirs.
4) You can still buy using the auction house.

It will be extremely difficult to participate in:
1) crafting boats, armor, weapons.
2) crafting materials needed for building a castle.
3) consistently open tons of money bags and other small loot obtained.
4) consistently mine and farm materials via gathering.

You will not be able to:
1) Own land (no houses or farms).
2) Sell on the auction house. (you can still sell via zone chat and trading).
if you pay 15 dollars a month for patron status, everything becomes unlocked and possible.

This game will be fun for anyone in a guild even if they do not spend any money.
NOTE: You ARE able to achieve Patron status (aka the 15 dollar a month fee) , by spending IN-GAME Gold.

ArcheAge Trading System Guide: Making Crazy ArcheAge Gold

Trading is a big part of the crafting in ArcheAge game. You can farm and harvest materials that you later craft into packages. Then you bring those packages to a trading outpost in another region and make a profit based on distance and rarity. You can also trade in packages for ArcheAge Gold or Delphi Coins, a currency used to buy stuff on mirage island, such as using Delphi coins you can buy ships, housing construction drawings, mounts and so on. If you have not enough labor points, can together trading with your guild.

The basic conditions of trading – Collecting materials

Making specialty goods require a certain amount of materials by gathering, logging or Auction House. Packing the goods will cost you some labor points. Then go and buy the “specialty quality assessment item” in materials merchant after you get enough materials, and making a specialty by the specific crafting table. Collecting materials need you have proficiency skills, will increase the chance of rare materials after getting proficiency by sustained labor productivity. Getting the rare materials will cost your more labor points, but would get a higher experience.

Making Specialty

Different specialty need to produced on different specialty tables, only the corresponding specialty tables can making the corresponding specialty. How to make specialty in the tables? Press “F” on the table, choose Crafting – Corresponding Specialty list, you can see the relevant instructions to make specialty.

AA Folio


If you pick up a trade package, you don’t run anymore and walk instead. Even with your running skill you won’t be much faster. But you can use your mount, airship, carriage or others to designated trade region. Note, you can not use the mount skills when you are riding on a mount, but if you are riding other player’s mount, can be used.

AA Transportation

The speed of Marine transport
swimming < small boat < trading ship = warship < speed boat
The speed of Land transport
walk < tool car < donkey < bus

Be careful your specialty pick up by other players, when you put the package on the ground, and be careful attacking and looting your specialty by other players or other different continents players. When you character died, the specialty will drop automatically, other players can snatch them. If you choose Marine transport, please make sure the safe routes before departure.

Trade Routes

You know the specialty only trade at designated place, and according to the distance of trade NPC, you will gain the different rewards, the farther you go, the more reward you can gain. What’s more, it is related to the place of security levels, lower price trade in the protected zone, high price trade in the neutral zone, highest price trade in the seas. Sell specialty to other continents across the sea, although has a higher risk, but you can gain a abundant of rewards, so you should make sure the safety trade routes before sail off and remember avoid the war area.

Delivery and Rewards

Knowing the location of Specialty NPC first, different NPC will give you Gold or Delphi coins you can choose. The most profit is bringing packages to the other continent or even liberty island. Trade NPC will give your different rewards according to the distance, regional security level, the inflation rate and so on.

ArcheAge Showdplay Skill Sets Combination

As a newbie in Archeage, I’m interested in the Skill sets due to the various skills choice and combination. I supposed there is no rubbish character, if you can’t play it well maybe the problem about your operation. Today,we would like to recommend several ArcheAge Showdplay Skill sets combinations.

1.Showdplay + Archery
Recommendation Index: ☆☆☆☆☆
Reasons: The advantage of Showdplay skills set’s long distance attack skill without CD, and high mobility to match with the Archery skill set’s critical hit damage is the necessary for highly mobility long distance DPS player.
Skills Release:
Stealth(save life) -> Stalker’s Mark (damage bonus)-> Charged Bolt->Concussive Arrow(reduce movement speed)->Endless Arrows->Piercing Shot

2. Showdplay + Battlerage
Recommendation Index: ☆☆☆☆☆
Reasons: This is the strong powerful skill build for melee combat players! Perfect control ability, highly critical hits damage!
Skills Release:
TripleSlash->Wallop(critical hits damage) ->Shadow Step(teleport) -> Shadowsmite(Melee Attack)-> Precision Strike(Increases Critical Damage)

3. Showdplay + Sorcery
Recommendation Index: ☆☆☆
Reasons: The highly mobility for Sorcery
Skills Release:
Stealth(close to enemy) -> Overwhelm(stun) -> Shadowsmite(deal high damage) -> Freezing Earth(frozen) -> Searing Rain (extra damage release)-> Drop Back(leap to escape) -> Flamebolt(deal massive damage)

4. Showdplay + Witchcraft
Recommendation Index: ☆☆☆☆
Reasons: The skill set of Showdplay match Witchcraft perfectly can control enemy couldn’t resist in a long period which ensure the critical hit of Showdplay skill set.

Skills Release:
Stealth(close to enemy) -> Overwhelm(stun) -> Enervate(debuff) -> Banshee Wail(cause fear) -> Shadow Step(teleport) -> Shadowsmite(deal high damage)

ArcheAge Ships Guide: How to Building a ship or boat

Ships is very important means of transport in ArcheAge online game, like a Mount, you can travel by the sea, explore under water territories and continents. What’s more, you can fishing in own ships, very relaxing and enjoy it. So, how to building a ship or boat? Of course, you can choose purchased from vendor, but the ships just allow traveling.

Building a Ship/boat

1. You should know the process of ship building will require a lot of resources and labor, so first you need to ready the resources as follow: Wooden Planks, Iron, Fabric. And talk to Oskar, he will give you these Materials for the Boat by email.

AA Materials for the Boat

2. Then, go and buy Design: Adventure Clipper ship in Ship Design of Mirage Isle. There will cost you 30 Nui’s Tears. Or purchase it for ArcheAge Gold in Auction House.

AA Nui's Tears for Boat

AA Mirage Isle

3. Find a place on the water, where you can put the drydock for your ship, then use the ships design of ship from your bag. Put the drydock you need use the wooden planks and irons. Note, do not put your drydock far from the land and crafting stations, or will cost you a lot of time for this. And you can use the mouse and keyboard to adjust your view.

Building the AA boat

4. Construction your drydock, press F near the drydock, you can know what resources are needed and looking the construction status to construct the ship. Note, click G construct your ship in order after packaged archeage materials, wooden – wooden – fabric – fabric – fabric – iron – iron – iron.

AA Drydock

After you construct your ship, the ship would completed, the ship or boat will doing underwater ceremony then become a summon instruments and exist in your bag. Last, the ship ready to sail after you just click and use it in the water place. OK, the same process to build the larger ships if you want, the main difference is the amount of resources needed to craft, the bigger ships, the more packs for construction. Have fun!

Elder Scrolls Online vs WildStar vs ArcheAge

Recently, there are three hot online games: Elder Scrolls Online, WildStar and ArcheAge. Today, we discuss about the three games. This is the good comparison between the three games to show their strength and weaknesses.

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online was launched in April 2014. Now, most players have been playing the game.
It is fun to explore in Elder Scrolls Online.


The second positive about the game is the solo questing experience in ESO. There are good storylines for solo play. The solo quests are spread our all over the game world.
There is large-scale PVP battle in ESO. You can literally have hundreds of players on screen siege in castle, braking down the walls, knocking down the door, attacking other players. The PVP battle is intense and interesting.
Of course, Elder Scrolls Online has several negative respects. One is combat responsiveness. When you click a button to open a door or activate a steel wire finding a lot of times, it may not work. You may have to press the button over and over again, which can get really frustrated. Another negative is the Bugs, which stop players to play the game any more. Now some of Bugs are fixed and they will be better. The third is the grouping in Elder Scrolls Online. It is difficult to group with players

WildStar comes out in May 2014.


There are massive PVE raids in WildStar, which lots of people love. Furthermore, the game have instance PvP with great scenarios and arenas. The game has the responsive combat, which is huge. Players can experience hundreds of thousands of players on screen, which is memorable and fun. Another positive for WildStar are that there are giant monsters are added in the game and players can raid huge bosses. In addition, the characters in WS are memorable.
Actually, WildStar is like cartoon. Lots of Props are Cartoony. The second negative for WS is Bugs. For example, the sound cut out completely. Besides, it is terrible to find.

ArcheAge will be released in a few months in this year.


There are sandbox elements in ArcheAge. You can make your house in the farm you have and make chickens in house and slaughter them. All those stuff is in-depth in the game world. Thus, the WS world is open for players. The second positive respect of ArcheAge is crafting and economy system. Crafters have clear goals; the stuff is valuable. Gold or money you earn in the game is meaningful. The second positive respect is open PvP system and Naval Battles. You can build boats and sell them. While you can sell your resources to sell, other players can attack you.
The early quests are completely boring. The second negative respect is the boring combat, because it’s an all the cab target cool down click a button system. When you play the game for several hours, you are brain dead and just push the buttons on the rotation, which is really boring. Finally, PvP in ArcherAge is sporadic. When you reach lvl 30 you can open PvP zone. The one side just fights against other side.

Click here to watch the video in detail.


ArcheAge Planting Guide: How to Get the Scarecrow Farm you need know

We all know the planting has a big proportion in ArcheAge online game, many materials are needed to get through the planting. Planting is divided into two types, Farm and Wild. The difference is that other players can collect and cut if you planting in the wild, while can not gathering by other players if you planting in the farm. So how to planting the trees, feeding animals and others on the farm you need know.

Just need a Scarecrow you have a piece of land on the farm, then you can planting on your land, so the planting key is how to get the Scarecrow in ArcheAge.

After your character up to level 12, you would receive the ArcheAge Scarecrow Quest, but you need complete below similar quests first.

You should complete all the quests in NPC (like this NPC who has a plant on his head) before you can get the scarecrow quest. General process as follows:

AA Planting NPC

The quest will need you plant some plants on the public farms. First maybe you need to buy some seeds, and plant into ground, then need watering. Fetching water in the nearby wells if you have no water. Your quest would be completed after gathering your pants. Next, there are some dialogue quests, congratulation, you would get the Scarecrow after finished these dialogue.

AA Public Farm

Next, go and find a best 8*8 land to plant, then plug in your scarecrow. Using the reward of wood which you complete the quest to upgrade your scarecrow. OK, you have one of your own land now! Note: each character just only have a scarecrow, and you have a chance to get a pumpkin head scarecrow in later quests, the planting arear also larger than the scarecrow.

AA Scarecrow Garden Design

The second ArcheAge Closed Beta (CBE2) event: Setting Sail

The second ArcheAge Closed Beta (CBE2) event: Setting Sail will show on July 30! You know the first close beta event A Brighter Age is a great success! While there are many problems in the game, but the official has been trying to solve, such as the graphical errors in the game, if you using DX11, log off, clear your cache folder at: “…\Documents\ArcheAge\USER\shaders\cache” and the game will reload all textures when you log in again and fix the problem, and if you’re not using SLI, swap down to DX9, it fixes a lot of problems. Remember, all of your credits will be refunded at launch.

Setting Sail event time
July 30, Wednesday 2014, 10:00 AM PDT — August 4, Monday 2014, 10:00AM PDT


Are CBE1 (A Brighter Age) characters going to be wiped for CBE2?
No, your characters and progress will persist through ArcheAge Open Beta, the official will wipe before Head Star begins. The Open Beta is essentially a CBE just with no invite requirement. A final “live environment” stress test for our servers before live service.

How many CBEs before ArcheAge release?
No one knows when the time will release and how many CBTs will go. But you can sure this closed beta event is won’t be the last one!

How to receive the invitation for this ArcheAge Closed Beta?
As always, all Founders (Acheum Founder’s Pack) get into every Closed Beta Event! And now there is an active “A Custom Sail Contest” you have a chance to win an invitation to play on Alpha, Beta, and a Crest Brainstorm at launch. This contest starts on July 22, Tuesday 2014 and ends on July 28, Monday 2014, 12:00 PM PDT. More details about this contest, looking at official news of ArcheAge Beta Raise Your Sails Contest.

Now, ArcheAge CBE2 Code giveway on Rixty! Click here fast to free get now! Good luck and have fun!